Sam Faiers grazed the troll when she kissed son Paul on her lips and calls him "love"

adminDecember 27, 2018

Sam Faiers was cruelly hounded by trolls after putting a picture of herself kissing her two year old son on her lips.

The Mummy Diaries star was also targeted to refer to baby Paul as "my lover" in the caption.

"Kisses with my lover", she had written when she sent the cute picture to Instagram.

The former TOWIE babe, 27, is on holiday in the Maldives with her boyfriend Paul Knightley and their two children Paul and Rosie, one.

Hoping for a holiday, Sam sees Little Paul on his knee and gives him a kiss on his lips.

She quickly changed the caption, removed the word "love" and replaced it with a string of love's heart emoji.

Sam kisses baby Paul

But while some fans rushed to her defense and predicted that there had been a spelling, someone spoke to her and told the star she was wrong to refer to her son that way.

"I wouldn't call my son, my beloved," one commented.

Another suggested: "Probably edit it, it's not right to call the little boy your girlfriend. Lovely picture tho"

One asked her: "A little strange to say with my lover now?"

While another said, "This is wrong!"

Sam was attacked by cruel trolls

However, Sam's fans jumped to defend her, with a warning that it would be "David Beckham drama number 2" as they drew the resemblance to his back over a picture of him kissing his daughter Harper on her lips.

"Careful, kissing your lips, the police can come up," a trailer told her.

While another said, "What's wrong with you? It's her son. Grow up"

Another fumed: "I don't see what's wrong with giving your kids a kiss on their lips like his mom after all, you're just reading into what she put"

Family on holiday in Maldives

One said, "People who immediately think of kissing their lips are crazy, are those who need to see a doctor"

Sam has met quite a lot of setbacks recently.

She was accused of tearing off a children's clothing area that she had received free samples for years when she launched her own line.

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