Salsódromo 2018: this was the great opening parade of the Cali fair

adminDecember 26, 2018

At 6:00 am on this Tuesday, the ceremony began last for Salsódromo, the first parade of the Fair of Cali which in 2018 pays a tribute to women.

Dancers, musicians, acrobats and singers, accompanied by elaborate floats, covered 1.5 kilometers of the Suroriental Road in the key to the salsa, the symbolic rhythm of the valleys capital.

Between Carrera 56 and Carrera 39 in the south of Cali, it is paler where tourists and locals enjoy comfortably and safely, a show that had 1200 dancers.

9:05 pm Oscar De León closes the trip

Oscar de León at the conclusion of Salsodromo

Performs songs like & # 39; Llorarás & # 39 ;, & # 39; Yo quisiera & # 39; and other hits that he is one of Cali's favorites, the Venezuelan artist completed Saldódromo's musical presentations.

The singer thanked the invitation for this celebration of the end of the year and remembered some traditional neighborhoods like El Obrero.

9:00 pm Parade of dancers old guard of Cali

Old guard dancers at Salsódromo 2018

The dancers of the old guard Cali paraded in a float. At least a dozen artists whose passion for antillean salsa and rhythms marked their lives, enjoyed this version of Salsodromo.

8:35 pm They float parade with the orchestras

Orchestra caliber in Salsódromo 2018

The Caliber group, from the city of Cali, was the first to appear during the trip. The creators of the successes like & # 39; Charrupi & # 39 ;, & # 39; it's valid & # 39; and "How do I wear it," put dancers on the platforms of the participants of Salsodromo.

In this car was Camilo Zamora, the dancer who came down on the Cali people in the latest version of the fair, and who was guest artist at Rio Carnival.

Woman All Star Orchestra at Salsodromo 2018

Then came the orchestra & # 39; Woman All Star & # 39; directed by maestro José Aguirre, to interpret some of Celia Cruz's most acclaimed hits.

8:30 pm Begin the walks on the wings four and five that give way to the orchestras

Dancers by Salsódromo de la Feria de Cali 2018

& # 39; Woman Fantasy & # 39; is the last block to Salsodromo. It is dedicated to the woman's transforming power.

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8:00 pm Start the wings parade & # 39; All Women, All Rights & # 39;

Women's hands, second block in Salsódromo 2018

Block "All Women, All Rights", the third block of Salsodromo 2018.

Ricardo Ortegón – the country

The third block was designed to reject violence against women.

From the choice of songs to the dancers' dress, they were chosen to reject any form of violence that puts women's rights at risk.

7:45 pm Start the second block & # 39; Hands of Woman & # 39;

Tribute to Celia Cruz at Salsodromo de la Feria de Cali 2018

To honor the woman's creative process in art, the other wing was called "Hands of a Woman".

Ricardo Ortegón – the country

The woman's hands are the other wing of the parade. It is a place dedicated to artists who broke arrangements and made significant changes.

Celia Cruz is the star of this salsodromo bloc that pays homage to the woman's creative process in art.

7:15 pm Parade flow with some incredible women in the valley

Float of outstanding women in Salsodromo 2018

Paola Gómez, head of information for El País and Mábel Lara, presenter of News One, are just two of Cali's invited to join the parade.

Also present were coach Maura De Caldas, cultural leader Mery Salazar de Sierra, performers Carmen Rodallega and Valeria Cabezas.

7:00 pm Beginning of the neighborhood & # 39; Cali, the city of various women & # 39;

First block of Salsódromo 2018 by Cali fair 01

The first block, thought of as a way of telling the world that in Cali women is more than the image that stereotypes on television as successful and salsa, but also there is a large selection of women representing us, as it is very well described by the psalms city.

First block of Salsódromo 2018 by Cali fair 02

Caleñas are like flowers; simple are like violets; the beautiful ones are like gardenias; the beautiful ones are like roses; the bold are a sweet; Gorditas are tasty; flaquitas there is no waist …

First block of Salsódromo 2018 by Cali fair 01

6:45 pm Start the batucada tour

Batucada in Salsódromo de la Feria de Cali 2018 - 02

The first group of artists is a batucada (Brazilian rhythm with African influence) which in this version is responsible for a group of 68 women, including congas, timbalated, campaigning, to melt salsa with Brazilian sounds.

6:30 pm Words from the Salsodromo conceptual committee

Ossiel Villada at Salsódromo de la Feria de Cali 2018

Members of the parade conceptual committee were responsible for throwing off "Cali, Divine Woman", where dancers from 32 schools in the city participate.

Harold Viáfara highlighted women's work in all areas of this show ensuring that it is an "experiment" that will fall in love with participants.

For its part, Ossiel Villada, a member of the committee's conceptual committee in salsódromo, said that "Cali is a groundbreaking city in providing solutions" and explained that by way of shelf is a search for "salsa culture is the vehicle of reflection for stopping violence against women in the country . "

6:00 pm Maurice Armitage opened the Cali fair in 2018

Maurice Armitage, Mayor of Cali, in Salsodromo

"This justice will be better than last year" was the promise of Mayor Cali, who officially inaugurated the most important festival in the valleys capital.

The president urged Cali and visitors to enjoy all the events in an orderly and bourgeois way, so "the world's capital of salsa is a friendly city".

Minister of Culture Carmen Vázquez referred to the importance of celebrating women in strengthening women's empowerment in the region.

Salsódromo 2018 - The first parade of the Cali fair begins

2:00 pm Start access to paler

People who bought their fertilizers began to come to the various entry points.

Salsódromo 2018 - Starting the first parade of Cali Fair 03

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