Sagittarius … his character and qualities in love and action

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Sagittarius tower, Especially the bow man, is characterized by another personality from the rest Towers. What are the benefits, and its typology, either in emotional, social or professional relationships. "Mrs. Net", and in these lines informs you about the most prominent:

Sagittarius Tower: from November 22 to December 21st

Sagittarius tower

His symbol: Archer
Element: Fire
Nature: Theoretical
Influential Planet: Jupiter
Temperament: rutet
Fortune Stone: Topaz
Strengths: Has the spirit of humor, perfect, generous

Personal bow man:

Sagittarius tower

Bow It is a dynamic and lovable tower for exploration. His broad and comprehensive philosophical approach always asks him to ask questions and find the meaning of life. It's hard to frustrate him because he's full of optimism, openness and vitality. He loves change and renewal forever in his life to stay in the best picture.
He loves romance, fantasy and adventure of all kinds. The tower of the arc is characterized by generosity, it loves extravagance and does not care for itself, as it loves and does not like to be deprived of anything.
Born bow He is a fast-tempered person, but soon he will reassure himself and consider himself as soon as possible and maybe sorry. He is the owner of Slyt's tongue, his words are a form of boldness and can hurt the person who is in front of him easily if he fails the latter. However, he has the ability to treat wounds and gives the best effect on the same person.
Despite his sometimes spellbound words, the children of the bow are, in his depth, a little child who likes to walk without limits. He is spontaneous in his expressions, words and actions, so that he expresses what is going on in the mind spontaneously, innocently and without prior planning. His tongue is transformed with his heart easily and willingly and without fear.

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Bow man in love:

Sagittarius tower

Born in Sagittarius, one of the finest towers ever, it is characterized by a passionate passion and excess love. When the Sagittarius is in love, he keeps his partner for life and tries to encourage her in different ways. He loves the yarn and resorts when he needs it, but his relationship with women is based on many other reasons than gender. He respects intelligence along with beauty and keeps his freedom and independence regardless of the love of women.
The bow baby harmonizes with a balanced and powerful character who understands his need for independence, which is next to him Bow When he has a slanted mood and out of it for a while. Therefore, women who are attached to the buksman's husband give him full confidence and refrain from showing jealousy, no matter what Badr, and do not resort to complaining and complaining to him for whatever reason. In addition to generosity, fun, enthusiasm and impulse, and not to mock his good ideas and precious goals, no matter how amazing and far from reality. For this reason, the man bends his wife and follows her wherever he walks and uses generously on her.
Although the bow man dislikes the union, he likes to experiment with all kinds of social relationships. As long as the partner is able to maintain harmony with the bow's great interests, he is ready to undergo new experiences in the love relationship. The relationship between the partners will be exciting and will last quite a long time.

Man bends in action:

Sagittarius tower

He is a volunteer and stubborn person at the same time, he never knows despair, but pulls strength from all the obstacles and obstacles he starts with a new side and with every planning and strong resolve.
Sagittarius Tower is characterized by a leading personality and likes to do their job perfectly. He also likes to follow the steps in his work according to a practical plan that is considered. He loves evolution and does not accept routine, so he always looks for everything new and develops at different levels.
In conclusion, in short, it Born bowA sincere, brave and brave person has some insanity that makes him mistake sometimes, especially when he launches his ravenous arrows in a provoked case. However, it is difficult for others to have hatred, he has a love and a good will to forgive all his sins.

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