Sagittarius – Friday 28th. December 2018: very pleasant moments will arrive

adminDecember 28, 2018

Astrological News: The Moon is in the sign of the virgin moving toward Libra. All planets are directly with the exception of Uranus, which is retrograde in Aries. Your ruler, the Jupiter planet transits with the sign Sagittarius, directly.

Please note that if you do not currently have a partner, avoid saying an unexpected love suggestion because you need some time to think about it and meditate on what to do. Rainfall when making important decisions can seriously hurt you.

There are mixed signals that cross the road and can confuse you by making you believe that it is love when there is only friendship. Your expected moment comes, in love and fortune, and you should take advantage of it.

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You've been waiting for the opportunity to express yourself freely and say what you feel, and maybe you even thought love wasn't for you anymore. That situation has begun to change right now, and a good meeting will show you. Open your heart to love.

If you have suffered from problems associated with gall bladder, ulcers or digestive problems, you will receive a wonderful healing wave that will allow you to recover in a short time. It's a good moment in your health.

I work
Now, a workplace and payroll, financially, is approaching, so if you have felt bad for the news of any dismissal or new vacancy, don't be overwhelmed because today's views are very beneficial and everything will be resolved soon.

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Money and fortune
You will receive unexpected money that you will not use immediately, but enter a kind of savings account now that we are going to start the new year 2019 and you are time to see your financial resources grow over the next few months

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual energy level this Friday: intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: The attitude you know how to face challenges.
Dangerous trend today in the Sagittarius sign: confusing realities with desire, figures with concrete facts.
What to Avoid ?: Draw premature conclusions without having all the elements in your hands.

Prediction of couples for today Friday
The Best Relationship Today: This Friday's thing will go great for you if your partner is a fire sign like Leo or Sagittarius, even if there is air like Aquarius.
The Most Excited Relationship: You tend to have arguments or misunderstandings with your partner or a friend of the Cancer or Virgo sign.
Your current compatibility: You are in harmonious tone with the other elements of fire and air, especially Aries and Aquarius.
If you're single or single: a cheerful tone surrounds you and with the enthusiasm you want to conquer hearts and love, which will make your new year happy.


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