"S.N.L." mocks President Trump and Kanye West

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Sometimes, an open cold on "Saturday Night Live" is a real surprise, a distillation of recent history that comes completely from left field. And, sometimes, the events of a past week are so outrageous that they demand an obvious focus. (In other words, if you were waiting for an outline on Nikki Haley's resignation as United States ambassador to the United Nations, prepare to be disappointed).

In his first appearance of the season "S.N.L.", Alec Baldwin returned to his recurring role as President Trump to help recreate the strange meeting of the Oval Office that took place on Thursday between the president and the rapper Kanye West.

Baldwin opened the meeting announcing: "Thank you all for joining us today in this important discussion. It is not in any way a publicity stunt. This is a serious private conversation between three friends, plus 50 camera reporters. "

Chris Redd played in the West, who declared: "I flew here using the power of this hat".

Also on hand was Kenan Thompson, who played an embarrassed-looking Jim Brown. "I've been in coalitions with Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson and this is the first time I've regretted it," he said at one point.

This is the third year that Baldwin plays Trump for "S.N.L.", and at that time the actor apparently has become familiar with the role that Now he gives interviews in which he also boasts that "black people love me". (Baldwin has also said of his appearances on "SNL" that this season "I'm going to do some of that, but not much.")

Meanwhile, West (who last Saturday returned to Twitter to give a long monologue about mind control) has become a kind of comic comic for "S.N.L." After performing at the premiere of the program's season two weeks ago, West launched a discursive monologue on the air in support of Trump, much to the dismay of several cast members of "S.N.L."

Last week, Pete Davidson appeared on "Weekend Update" to offer a comical rebuttal from West, noting that "what Kanye said after we aired last week was one of the most difficult and awkward things I've seen here, and I've seen Chevy Chase talk to an inmate.

This week's episode, presented by Seth Meyers and musical guest Paul Simon, will continue to make reference to the Trump-West summit many more times.

But again in the open field, Redd was pontificating, in the style of Kanye: "The homicide rate is going down, 20 percent every year. And very soon it will be a negative homicide rate. We are going to be digging bodies out of the ground "

At the same time, you could hear Baldwin thinking of himself as Trump's thoughts: "This guy could be a cuckoo, I've been in a room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un and they made a lot more sense than him."

Later, Baldwin was heard thinking, "This guy can talk, he does not stop, he does not listen to anyone but himself, who do you remember?" The answer: "Oh, my God, he's denying. "

For the first time since he left the program in 2014, he took over "Saturday Night Live" to take over the NBC "Late Night" franchise, Seth Meyers reflected on an episode of Trump in 2004 and a sketch in which he played Meyers' father.

"Most people who have pictures of themselves with presidents frame them," Meyers said. "I did not do it."

The presenters of the "Weekend Update", Colin Jost and Michael Che, started as if they were also going to present a riff at President Trump's meeting with Kanye West, but instead, they quickly turned to a new report from the University of the United States on climate change that predicts terrible global consequences in 2040.


This was pretty crazy. But look, it's not the end of the world, O.K., because this Is it the end of the world. It's okay. The scientists basically published an obituary for Earth this week and people said, yes, but what does Taylor Swift think? We do not really care about climate change because it is too overwhelming and we are already too deep. It's like you owe your bookie $ 1,000, you're like, oh yeah, I have to pay this guy. But if you owe $ 1 million to your bookmaker, I think I guess I'm just going to die.


This story has stressed me all week. I keep wondering, why do not I care about this? Do not get me wrong: I believe 100% in climate change. However, I am willing to do absolutely nothing about it. I mean, we're all going to lose the planet. We should be sad, right? This entire episode should be like a telethon or something, but it is not. I think it's because they keep telling us that we're going to lose everything and nobody cares about everything. People only some things. As if Fox News reported that climate change is going to remove all flags and Confederate statues? Oh, there would be recycling bins outside of each Cracker Barrel and Dick's Sporting Goods.


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