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adminNovember 23, 2018

Following the reports that a fan had released Once Upon a Deadpool For Ryan Reynolds on Twitter last year, the actor contacted the person in question. While Reynolds has been a well-known and popular actor in Hollywood since the early 2000s, he did not really jump into the superstar A-List category until he put on the Merc in the red and black suit characteristic of a Mouth for the First dead Pool movie. Both critics and fans loved the movie, and Reynolds suddenly became one of the most beloved figures in the superhero community.

To his credit, Reynolds has handled his biggest fame well, interacting happily with fans at events in person or on social media, and he clearly remains as big a fan of the Deadpool character as anyone. Reynolds also does a lot of charity work using the platform that Deadpool has achieved. In short, he seems a decent guy. With that in mind, it's not really surprising that it did not take him long to get to the person who proposed the concept of what is now known as Once Upon a Deadpool to the actor through Twitter last December, long before the project was announced to the public.

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Twitter user @MVBramley pointed out for the first time yesterday that he launched the premise of a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 surrounded by a Promised princessframing device that Fred Savage presents to Reynolds in December 2017, while Once Upon a Deadpool it became official in September 2018. Bramley did not accuse Reynolds of cheating his idea, but at least he expressed the hope that the man behind the Merc would recognize the strange circumstance in some way. Pretty sure, Bramley he revealed this afternoon that Reynolds did contact him for a chat, and apparently assured him that it was a strange coincidence. Check out Bramley's Tweet below.

While Bramley did not go into the details of his conversation with Reynolds, he seems satisfied with the explanation offered by the Deadpool actor and continues to support the success of the franchise. It is true that probably would not have had much ground to build a legal case, a federal judge ruled last year that celebrities are not legally responsible if they end up doing a project similar to an unsolicited speech on social networks, but it's still nice see Bramley (and it seems, Reynolds) solve the situation in an elegant and elegant way.

With this interaction, Ryan Reynolds retains his record of being kind to fans, which, in a world where many celebrities seem to see talking to fans as an inconvenience, is always refreshing. After all, he could have dismissed the story completely easily, and continue with his day. People tweet things in Reynolds all the time, and it's doubtful that he personally sees every message. Instead, however, he chose to do the right thing.

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Once Upon a Deadpool It hits theaters on December 12.

Source: @MVBramley

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