Rutkay Aziz to Erdoğan's Fascism Response: I am to protect Mozart in the name of mankind

adminJanuary 9, 2019


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Artist Rutkay Aziz, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "This country's attitude and the president's attitude to drinking beer, to listen to Mozart to force fascism is the stalactite," he replied.

Rutkay Aziz, President Erdoğan, "President of this country is clear and convincing President's president is forcing Mozart to listen to fascism," he said, "fascism at that time is not known exactly. If I have humanity to protect Mozart on on behalf of the human side, he said.

Mount Rutkay related to the television broadcast, in fact, Erdogan said, not something, said, "Just me Erdogan was told to go to the Fazil Say concert, I was asked what I was thinking about it." He said.

Aziz, Erdogan for some artists used in the "quote" to qualify as "art and culture, is an indication of how they look at our lives. It began with the text Müjdat", continues with other friends. and Müjdat a artist, in fact, is the answer, who is in the opposition, who is in a critical approach, who is in the book, who is not in public opinion, but in a particular place they are not himself, "he said.

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