Rusev wins the US Championship, on Rusev Day

adminDecember 26, 2018

Best. Rusev Day. Ever.

You now something special would happen when Rusev Day just happened to fall on Christmas Day this year. Not only was it Rusev Day, but 34 years ago (December 25) Rusev was born in Bulgaria.

Congratulations on the day Rusev and happy Rusev Day, Rusev.

Matched up with Shinsuke Nakamura in a United States Championship match, Rusev saw regaining a title he hadn't had since September 2016. While Nakamura seemed to continue his pretty title government that began all the way back to July 2018.

The fight itself was ok, maybe a little too long, but had an exciting end.

After striking a brutal Machka Kick, Nakamura suprised surprisingly. Rusev was shocked. The crowd was shocked. While Nakamura started mounting his comeback. The master locked in a triangular purchase that was so close to getting a print out.

The challenger would then hit his shoulder into the ring post and it looked like Rusev's chances of taking home the US title would go quietly into the night. It would take a second Machka Kick right on the chin of Shinsuke Nakamura to achieve the Lion of Bulgaria 1-2-3 and the US Championship.

Merry Christmas to everyone and to everyone a good Rusev day (night).

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