Rubén Blades wonders at Caleños with this amazing presentation at the Cali fair

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December 28, 2018 – 10:11 am


Writing of El País

At 10:35 pm This Thursday, Rubén Blades – almost trotting – appeared on the stage of the Blanco de la Salsa concert. With a hat, dressed in black and his faithful friend, the microphone, he released his two-hour show.

She was a plastic girl of those I see out there
Of those who then shook Sudan Chanel number three …

It was the first that the Panamanian singer, 70 years old, sang in the softball diamond, accompanied by his great band.

With an impeccable sound and a live performance by those who make the skin finally, Blades confirmed again – the love Caliños has for his music.

The artist responded to the love of two hours (without rest) that sang part of his best repertoire: Plastic, Ligia Elena, Love and Control, Juan Pachanga, Master Life, Pedro Navaja and Decisions were some of the hits that were played.

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Rubén Blades plays Pedro Navaja & # 39;

Rubén Blades plays Pedro Navaja & # 39;

Especially for El País

But perhaps the most emotional moment in his presentation was tribute to Héctor Lavoe.

"This is a song I wrote, but someone else interpreted it … And I think it was the best decision, because I couldn't have done better," he said on stage.

Then he intoned:

I'm the singer
Today they have come to hear
The best of the repertoire
I want to give you

While playing it on the screen (behind the band), unpublished black and white photos of Héctor Lavoe were shown. Tribute extended for more than 20 minutes.

When he finished his presentation, the audience shouted together not to leave. Blades replied: "The next time they invite us and we play four hours, but this time we are in this context and we must stick to the time."

The Panamanian artist shared the scene in this concert with Tito Rojas, Roberto Lugo, Víctor Manuelle and Willy García.

After Rubén Blades, Willy García appeared and Víctor Manuelle closed

But the logistics team when he listened to the public's clam gave several minutes to Rubén Blades, who brought back his orchestra which was already on its way to the dressing room.

After two minutes, Blader – with Maracas in hand – gave Caleños a final piece:

The ex-young lady has not decided what to do
In its geography class
The teacher talks about Turkey
While it mentioned
Just think of misery and dilemma
Oh, what a problem!

So Rubén Blades closed in the middle of the audience's ovation:

Rubén Blades at Cali Fair

The audience cheered Ruben Blades after his show.

Especially for El País

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