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adminJanuary 7, 2019

RTÜK & # 39; banned the use of the word & # 39; gin & # 39 ;, instead of & # 39; 3 Letters & # 39; The statement should be used.

Channel Dual programs Müge Anlı, during the presentation of the word & # 39; gin & # 39 ;, are prohibited, instead of & # 39; 3 Letters & # 39; to be called, he said. It was also claimed that the word "wine" was also censored.

During the presentation, in the child I can not say that he was banned by RTÜK, he was told to be "3 Letters un.

In the continuation of the program, a psychiatrist was associated with the word of the word Cin: "But don't use that word, please, gentleman," he continued, saying, "Don't get us into trouble with RTÜK in our head. Two hours in vain "three letters" we say, "he said.

Censorship of the word "wine"

Milliyet columnist Sina Koloğlu argued that the word imes wine was censored in the film "Livsfarer" published in FOX. Kologlu, "What is this ed wine" situation? RTÜK penalties? Or neighborhood press? When the young people hear the word wine, do they start drinking and drinking? Gençler

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