RTL shows spicy new series – but it's a catch – Sat.1 throws the TV series out

adminDecember 28, 2018

RTL has secured the rights to a new series of spicy content. And Sat.1 showed a television series.

Update from December 28: This can be good for regulars with taste for unusual topics: RTL has secured the rights to a new series. Her name: "Harlots – House of the Whores". This reports wunschliste.de.

But it's a catch. RTL does not show the prostitution series on the main channel, but on the pay-TV channel RTL Passion. It starts February 11 – from then on, the episodes will be on Mondays for Prime Time at 8.15.

The series was produced by the American streaming service Hulu along with ITV, in the US, she was already extended for a third season. The theme is "oldest trade in the world", as the title suggests. The series does not play in the present, but in 1763. The venue is London.

Here is the English trailer for the first season:

Sat.1 throws out TV shows

Update of December 27, 2018: Also Sat.1 is not immune to odds flops. On the contrary: The documentary series "Our most beautiful Christmas", which ran so far the night before, was posted aloud dwdl.de With its first four episodes, only three percent market share averages. The consequence is drastic: The further episodes are no longer sent. Instead, return "Awesome next to it – the question" a week earlier from break.

After all, it was a little comfort for the few fans of "Our most beautiful Christmas". On the mini transmitter Sat.1 Gold, the remaining consequences were sent away on Sunday, December 23, at a time.

Video: "Brilliant next to it" Christmas

RTL banishes TV series on two nasty slots

Update from December 17, 2018: RTL suffers a quota disaster with two Prestige shipments and is responding now. Above all, the "main thing cute" expected the TV channel probably a lot, we had reported on the series before the start. The second series, where RTL now draws conclusions, is called "Our most beautiful common apartment".

Both flopped on their track Sunday afternoon (13.50 clock or 14.40 clock), which dwdl.de reported. 3.9 and 3.3 percent market share – really bad for the big TV channel.

Totally want to sell RTL but "main thing sweet" and "Our most beautiful apartment together" apparently not. And send both rows on two conceivable bad tracks. "Our most beautiful shared apartment" was Sunday at 6.45 clock (!).

At "Hauptsache sweet" from 7.45 clock should have been at least a few people already awake. For the last episode of "Hauptsache sweet" December 23, RTL can at least postulate to send them at 9.30.

Vox throws "Imposters" out of the program – just before the end of the season

December 10, 2018 Update: And again, a station from the RTL group reacts to a quota low: Vox throws the series "Imposters" from the program. This reports dwdl.de. Went in front of a descent of spectators. The last double episode on Thursday at 23.10 only managed 1.7 or 2.1 percent market share in the advertising policy audience – a disaster for Vox.

That is why the transmitter pulls the ripcord. And for the really bad time for fans: two episodes before the end of the current season!

It's the second season of "Imposters", a rogue series about cheating Maddie (played by Inbar Lavi). The first season still ran on peak season, when the series was relegated to the night program, where it won't even run to the end. According to the report, however, the series has no future: Even the American station Bravo posted one after the second season on the basis of modest quotas.

Well-known series flying from the RTL program – cool shows coming back

October 12, 2018 Update: Also because of another broadcast country RTL currently in the headlines. The station is in a news program made an embarrassing mistake, as the presenter did not notice.

Our original article: RTL casts Crimes series from the program

Cologne – On the one hand, there is a goodbye, on the other hand, a big comeback that many fans should be happy about: After RTL throws a well-known crime series in peak time from the program, another return comes after many years at the station RTLplus on screens.

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Known crime series are postponed to the night program

For all "Bones – Die Knochenjägerin" fans, it is a bitter disappointment: As the DWDL reports, the crime series must facilitate some changes to RTL immediately in the night program. Already around 22:15, the fans in the future have to fall back on some coffee. Only at. 05.30, the different cases of "bones" can be tracked from next week. The series is replaced by repetitions of "The Teacher", which, despite lower odds, still performs better than the episodes of "Bones – The Bone Hunter".

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This series will probably come back

Another series celebrates a huge comeback: According to further information from DWDL, the cult series "Doppel Einsatz" is back – the episodes will be seen in the future on the RTLplus radio station.

It was pure female power in the 1990s: Commissioners Sabrina Nikolaidou and Eva Lorenz fought together in a total of 13 squadrons as a strong women's law against crime in Hamburg. "Double use", as the series is called, was aired for years by RTL until it was finally closed in 2007 and set.

But the episodes sent back on RTLplus in the future are just repetitions. This means old faces and familiar cases: As of September 27, actors Despina Pajanou and Sylvia Haider are back on TV to see how they challenge criminals in the Hamburg neighborhood.

Every Thursday at 8.15, the episodes of the fourth season are shown, which, unlike the previous episodes, were filmed for the first time in feature length.

ZDF recently made a serious mistake. The station showed on one of the channels a film that should under no circumstances be shown.


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