Royals encourage teams at Invictus Games

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The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex attended the Sydney Olympic Park to enjoy the last day of the Invictus Games before saying goodbye to Australia and flying to New Zealand on Sunday.

The couple had a rare morning free, but the afternoon is filled with ceremonies of medals, speeches and a lot of hand tremors as they conclude their Australian adventure.

The couple entered the Quay Center stadium just after 2 pm for the wheelchair basketball final.

The cheerleaders danced and the crowd applauded when the finalists reached the final.

David Beckham was also present, but wife Victoria was not in sight.

Meghan and Harry tried to make a low-profile entrance to the stadium and slid into a row of seats, behind the war heroes, when all eyes must have been on the basketball final in the United States and Holland.

But all eyes were on them and the stadium erupted in applause for the couple.

Meghan looked relaxed and cheered a break dance show at halftime on the basketball court. Harry was wearing an invictus shirt. Both wore Poppies of the Day of Remembrance.

It is clear who the Californian points to with the applause of the Duchess when the United States scored a goal to go ahead of the Netherlands.

Your barracking must have worked with the winner of the USA. UU 29 to 17. When the final whistle sounded, both Harry and Meghan stood up in ovation.


David Beckham arrived with his son Romeo with the couple sitting in a stall on the opposite side of the royal family.

But where was Posh? Victoria Beckham was a notable no show in the match. Although, not being an ambassador for Invictus Games, unlike her husband David, she does not have to sit down during the game.

Spectators will explore the stadium when the games come to an end to see if the real real couple and the famous real couple are together.

Prince Harry presented the medals to the winners after the game. It has been reported that the Duchess will give a speech at the closing ceremony, thanking the friends and relatives of the athletes for their support.

Megan hands out medals and kisses

Meghan gave Harry a playful pat on the shoulder when they crossed over during the presentation of the medal for the wheelchair basketball finals.

She drew cheers when she gave two of the Dutch athletes a kiss.

Meghan did the light work of the slippery wooden basketball court with her high black stiletto heels.

Ehren Keys, 25, dancing in the crowd, said he was a big fan of sports and dance.

"Dance is my life," Ehren told

Sitting with his mother, Amelda Keys, Ehren said he was lucky to get tickets to the two basketball finals because his father was on the board of Invictus Games.

Ehren has competed in special Olympic events and plays tennis.


The duchess's dress has been gaining admirers. But it seems that a number was subtly altered from the original. The real observers think that the change was made to avoid the risk of real sensitivities.

On her last day in Tonga, Meghan came out wearing a blue dress designed by Veronica Beard. However, it seems to be a little different from the original style that is sold online.

The $ 840 shirt dress, which has already been sold, is midi length and tied to the waist.

And while the original button style has two slits up to the thigh, Meghan's version seems to be altered, it is reported Sun.

In the photo that attended the opening of the Canopy of the Commonwealth of the Queen at Tupou College this week, the slits of Meghan's dress seem to end just above the knee.

While there is no rule that says members of the royal family can not have cuts in their dresses, it is possible that the duchess continued the tradition by opting for a lower division.

It's something that sister-in-law Kate Middleton also seems to have done in the past.


In the games there are many chances that Meghan will be seen in a pair of her favorite jeans, from the Australian company Outland Denim. That is if she can get her hands on any.

Outland Denim founder James Bartle said the mere fact that Meghan wore a pair of the company's $ 199 pants had an immediate effect.

Sales have increased by 950 percent since the duchess toured Dubbo at the mark.

The company said orders came from "Uruguay to Russia" for Harriet in the black jean that Meghan put on. It ran out in 48 hours in Australia and now there is a "considerable waiting list".

But these are not ordinary jeans. It is about the most ethical threads in the world, since they are made by women who are vulnerable to sex trafficking.

Speaking to Hello! Mr. Bartle said that the real stamp of approval has allowed him to hire more staff at the company's factory in Cambodia.

"I never dreamed that the Duchess who exposes us to the world would have such a dramatic impact, which would result in a minimum of 15 initial job offers" with the potential of 15 more.

On her trip to Dubbo, Meghan matched the black jeans with a white Maison Kitsune shirt, J Crew boots and a $ 200 jacket from the Serena Williams collection. It was a much more relaxed, and cheaper, look than the first day of his tour, when his yarns were worth $ 8,000, including a $ 2,500 dress by American designer Brandon Maxwell and a trench by Australian designer Martin Grant, also $ 2,500 .


Skeptics of climate change will not be happy with Harry after he delivered a passionate speech on Friday about the dangers of a planet heating up at the Australian Geographic Awards in Sydney the night before.

Harry highlighted the coral discoloration of the "magnificent" Great Barrier Reef as an example of the damage caused to the environment.

"It is absolutely heartbreaking to see how your natural treasures are forever changed," he said.

The duke and the duchess presented prizes at the ceremony to the young adventurer of the year and the young conservationist of the year.

Sophia Skarparis, 15, won the Young Conservationist of the Year award for her campaign work to ban plastic bags. The petition she initiated won 10,000 signatures and led to the issue being debated in the NSW state parliament. Sophia told Meghan said she was an "inspiration".

"She congratulated me and told me to keep working hard and I thanked her for that," said Sophia.


On the Friday night awards, guests were warned to behave in the best possible way with the royal couple.

During his introductory speech, presenter and journalist Ray Martin warned guests not to approach the royal family during the ceremony and allow the couple to enjoy their evening.

"Please do not try to approach them, it's not the Kardashians," said Martin. "We do not want to be bogans, they're here to spend a relaxed afternoon."

Guests also had to pass through an airport security checkpoint before entering the main ballroom at Shangri-La.

The royal family received a standing ovation when they entered the grand ballroom of Shangri-La.

The Duchess of Sussex surprised the guests with a beautiful black and white dress by Oscar de la Renta.

The awards started at 6 pm, but Harry and Meghan did not arrive until 8:15 pm, due to a minor drama with their Qantas charter flight from Tonga.

The pilot had to stop several seconds from landing due to another plane on the track. After landing safely, the royal family traveled by caravan to their Sydney hotel to change into their evening clothes.


Tomorrow, Harry and Meghan will leave Australia, and fly in the morning from Sydney to Wellington for a three-day visit to New Zealand.

The Duke and Duchess will visit the Abel Tasman National Park on the northern tip of the South Island on Monday.

They will visit Auckland on Tuesday and Rotorua on Wednesday, leaving New Zealand to return home on Thursday.

It's in Rotorua that Harry and Meghan will have their Master of cuisine moment. Royalty clearly loves the global cooking franchise. It was only last year that Prince Charles was the special guest star in the Australian version, rejecting the opportunity to get into a plate full of ants.

The duke and the duchess will meet with MasterChef New Zealand The winners Karena and Kasey Bird on Wednesday.

When Harry and Meghan stop for lunch, they will sit down with a selection of "local products and traditional flavors," he reported. Herald of New Zealand.

The sisters are understandably excited: "The request was for traditional food and local food and that's what we love to cook," Kasey said.

"So we're revitalizing some of the old cooking techniques and giving our own spin to the foods we grow and the foods that are in the marae."

There will be around 180 guests at lunch, but, like a Master of cuisine Challenge, they will have to be fast. Royals only have 35 minutes to eat.


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