Royal Tour by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry & # 39; s – Amazing little moments you could have missed in the couple's adventure

adminOctober 31, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry certainly did their first Royal Tour to remember, with 16 days full of fun and exciting commitments.

The couple traveled through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga to meet with important personalities, chatting with supporters and hearing about the vital work of multiple organizations and charities.

In addition to official occasions, there have been many very sweet moments along the way that could have been missed.

There have been exchanges of adorable couples between Meghan and Harry, touching conversations with members of the public and some fun moments.

Prince Harry and the Duchess are on their official 16-day tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand

We have reviewed some of our favorite moments of the tour.

Harry, jokingly, tells the man that he wants to give Meghan a huge bouquet of flowers.

Prince Harry was not very happy when he saw a well-wisher giving Meghan a HUGE bunch of flowers at the Taronga Zoo.

He said: "You can not give my wife such large flowers!

"What is all that?"

Oh darling…

Meghan wears Princess Diana's butterfly earrings.

The Duchess smiled as she left with a pair of stunning butterfly earrings that was once owned by her mother-in-law Diana.

The duchess gave the spectators a glimpse of the beautiful butterfly earrings encrusted with jewels while pushing her hair behind her ears.

It really suits Meghan

Once they belonged to Diana

Many fans believed that it may have been a gift of Prince Harry's pregnancy.

Meghan bakes banana bread for community barbecue

Everyone knows it's rude to go up on a barbecue with empty hands, so Meghan decided to make a loaf of banana bread to take to an event in Dubbo.


He arrived at the kitchen in Admiralty House, the home of the Governor General of Australia in Sydney, where he stayed the night before.

He also took some Royal Blend tea from Fortnum and Mason in London.

First Meghan State Dinner

We've seen Meghan get dressed on several occasions since she became a royalty, but this was the first time we saw her at a glamorous state dinner.

She showed her growing bulk with an impressive blue dress for the event in Fiji.

It looked amazing

Meghan's powerful speech on education.

Meghan revealed that she struggled to pay for college during a powerful speech at the University of the South Pacific.

She told students that she paid her tuition through scholarships, financial aid programs and part-time jobs.

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Meghan screams while receiving a big surprise from the students at the school.

The couple had the opportunity to compete with the miniature racing cars during their stay in Melbourne, and they were given remote controls and were shown which buttons to press when the lights changed.

But what the staff forgot to mention is that there would be some noise when pressing Go.

Then there is a big bang and a puff of smoke that causes Meghan, surprised, to let out a scream.

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Prince Harry tests a pair of parakeets smugglers.

Yes, really, this really happened.

They were handed over to Harry when a disabled sports presenter and two members of the Australian Invictus Games team visited him at Admiralty House, the residence of the governor general where the couple is staying in Sydney.

And he put them – on his jeans – immediately.

Meghan wears a handmade necklace of a little boy in the crowd.

The future mother was given a necklace made at home by a boy named Gavin, who today did not attend school because it was wrong.

Despite having a strong cough, he managed to make the necklace with a black ribbon and painted the gold decorations.

And Meghan saw the lovely Gavin sign, which said "I made you a necklace" and went straight, reports

She put it on immediately and she could see him wearing it over her blue dress when she met other supporters along with her husband, Prince Harry.

Meghan reveals that she woke up at 4.30am to do yoga and explains how pregnancy feels

The Duchess of Sussex was talking to people on Bondi Beach in Sydney, when she said "it's like having a jet lag without traveling."

The couple seemed to love their time at Bondi Beach.

The future mom also told supporters that she works at 4:30 a.m. this morning to do yoga, saying it is "so good for healing."

Meghan shares an adorable picture of Prince Harry.

The Duchess is obviously very proud of her husband, especially her work with the Invictus Games.

The official Twitter account of Kensington Palace shared a beautiful photo that took Harry during the Closing Ceremony.

It is a very beautiful photo.

Meghan sees old friend in the crowd

Hannah Sergel was part of a large group of fans waiting at the Viaduct Harbor in Auckland to see Harry and Meghan.

The 20-year-old was holding a sign that said "it's Hannah on Instagram", which Meghan saw.

She gasped when she realized who was holding him, and she would be heard to say "oh, my God" before rushing to hug her.

It was a really lovely moment.

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Harry reveals adorable name for Meghan's hit

During a speech at the impressive Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand, Harry referred to his "little bulge," that of Meghan, to the delight of the people at the event and around the world.

The touching words of Harry to a child whose mother has passed away.

During a public walk in Auckland, New Zealand, Harry spent several minutes talking to Otia Nante, age six, who was standing in the crowd with his Nan Te Nante, 52 years old.

After learning that Otia's mother had died when he was one, the Duke of Sussex, 34, told him: "Life will always be fine, did you know?

"I reached 34 years old and life is great.

"I have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way, your life will be ordered, do not worry about that."

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