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adminDecember 31, 2018

Prince William, 36, is second in line with the British throne, after his father, Charles Prince of Wales, 70. But according to the annual collection of royal engagements of Tim O & Don; Donovan, William – a former helicopter pilot who has now dedicated to Royal Duties – Performed less engagement than most older members of the royal family. The results showed that William performed less than half of his father Charles' royal engagements, with 150 engagements and 70 foreign appearances.

Another seven members of the royal family performed more royal duties than the Duke of Cambridge, including the Queen, 92 with 283 British engagements and her cousin, the Duke of Gloucester, 74, who performed 193 British engagements and 50 foreign visits.

But the collection revealed that William did one more engagement than Charles & wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall in a category – the total engagement in Britain.

The duchess at one time was described as "the latest woman in Britain", but in 2018, Camilla completed 90 events, including official visits, opening ceremonies, sports, concerts, and charity events, compared to Williams 63 in the same category.

She also attended several receptions, lunches, dinners and banquets than the other in line throne, but ranked lower in the second engagement category, where William performed 59 compared to her 16 events.

The couple both attended 70 engagements on official foreign tours.

According to Donovan's publication, Princess Anne, the most difficult working royal was for a second consecutive year, despite being the least recognized by the media.

Prince Charles entered others with 398 British appearances and 109 foreign visits, while Earl of Wessex and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, performed more than younger royal prince Harry and Prince William – despite the widespread fame of the young prince.

Meghan Markle carried out 45 British engagements and 51 overseas duties during her first year of royal life. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Undertook 64 UK and 23 overseas engagements, due to taking maternity leave after the birth of Prince Louis in April this year.

Critics are sure to use the numbers as ammunition against the young kings, claiming that they do not have the same work ethic as older and more experienced royal family members.

Younger royal people often spend more time on charitable causes, with William supporting mental health charity and Prince Harry organizing and implementing Invictus Games.

Prince William has also been looking to spend more time with his children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who were born earlier this year.

But Mr O & # 39; Donovan said that the comparison between royal family members did not highlight the specific work behind each engagement.

Mr O & # 39; Donovan told The Times: "All engagements are different in terms of time and content, and there is also time in preparation, whether it be a visit, investiture or speech. Apart from Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, the Queen never has a day off from the official red boxes. "

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