Roseanna Barr went on Twitter on Saturday night to dispel rumors that she suffered a heart attack.

"I'm fine," Barr, 66, told his supporters after concerns about his health turned viral on Saturday night.

The rumors were unleashed when a man claiming Barr's agent said on a popular online radio show that the star had suffered a suspected heart attack and was being taken to the emergency room. Barr fans quickly took Twitter to wish him a quick recovery. But a few hours after the news was released, Barr went on Twitter to assure his followers that he was fine.

Barr has been a popular political and political element since the restart of his successful ABC program. Roseanne It was canceled in May after a racist comment that Barr made on Twitter. An inclined spin-off The conners and focusing more on the fictitious set of the Midwest family, it was released in October with the homonymous character of Roseanne murdered due to an overdose of opiates.

Real life Barr has been open in the past about his health problems. Earlier this year, she spoke about a misdiagnosis that led her to believe that she was going blind due to macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Despite Barr's denials, supporters continue to offer their thoughts and prayers to the comedian on social media.

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