Ronda Rousey shows the injuries of Survivor Series after the attack of Charlotte Flair

adminNovember 23, 2018

Ronda Rousey has shown the injuries he suffered for his attack on Survivor Series.

Rousey left the PPV beaten and bruised after an extreme match against Charlotte Flair last weekend

The fight ended in disqualification when Flair hit former UFC star Rousey with a kendo stick, before hitting her on the arms and legs after the bell.

The women's champion RAW also stamped on a steel chair after wrapping it around Rousey's neck in shocking scenes.

Rousey could not compete in RAW this week due to injuries and has now revealed the extent of the hits on his YouTube channel.

Flair attacks Rousey

She showed strong bruises on both arms and thighs and legs, as well as her chest.

Rousey also revealed more bruises on the side of his head and joked that they were "fake" and that his makeup artist added them.

Rousey suffered strong bruises

Preparing for Thanksgiving at home with her husband, Travis Browne, he also answered fan questions.

When asked about the attack, she said: "I do not feel beaten, my joints are fine, the only thing that is annoying is having cuts in my mouth.

Round Rousey looks bruises

"My mistake was not being prepared for something like that, I thought I understood who Charlotte was, it's not the kind of thing I would expect."

"I do not want my championship reign to be in easy mode, I want it to be in champion mode.

Rousey is mistreated and bruised.

"If everything else has advantages like weapons, I think I just need to be good enough to beat them with these things.

"In my athletic career I had to deal with people who took drugs to improve performance when it was not, it's harder to stick to their morale, but it's worth it."

"I can beat anyone with any weapon." I firmly believe that I am a weapon. "

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