Ronda Rousey reveals the full extent of HORROR WWE injuries after Charlotte Flair's illness attack | WWE | Sport

adminNovember 23, 2018

Rousey defeated Charlotte by disqualification after superstar Smackdown hit and battered the UFC Hall of Fame with a kendo stick.

The queen struck the entire body of the MMA hero with the strange object until the stick broke into pieces.

But that was notorious compared to what he did next while trying to finish the UFC legend's career with a steel chair.

The seven-time women's champion wrapped the chair around the neck of The Baddest Woman on the Planet and then hit her larynx while trampling it with all her strength.

The Champion of the Raw Women stood up with the help of medical emergency technicians and then walked to the back battered, bruised and bleeding from a cut in the mouth.

Rousey shared a video on his staff. Youtube Channel three days after the assault and the injuries were still very evident.

"Rowdy" showed all the unpleasant bruises and cuts he suffered in his right leg, chest, ear, hip and both arms.

Despite the punishment she suffered at Survivor Series, the 31-year-old fighter could still fight the following night at RAW, where she defeated Mickie James.

She is now ready to put the RAW Women's Championship on the line against Nia Jax at TLC on December 16 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

However, Rousey insists that when he's finished with Jax he'll notice Charlotte.

She said: "After I finish with Nia, she's going to write the next chapter of Ronda Rousey against Charlotte Flair.

"Somehow, I'm going to find Charlotte Flair somehow and we're going to finish what we started last night."

Initially, Rousey was supposed to face female SmackDown champion Becky Lynch in Survivor Series, but the Irish Lass Kicker was removed from the program due to injuries.

The man suffered a broken nose and a concussion after Jax punched RAW in the face.

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