Rome takes the Golden Globe for best film in English

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The two Golden Globes that Alfonso Cuarón has won in his career related to his childhood: first was with a film about astronauts, what he always wanted to be as a child, and this Sunday with "Rome", a tribute in black and white to her nanny and her mother.

"Roma" took the best movie statue in English and non-English Cuarón He still competes in the category of best director, where he is a favorite.

"This movie could not have been possible without the specific colors that made me as I am," said the filmmaker before launching a "Thank you family, thank you Mexico."

"The cinema builds bridges for other cultures, and when we cross these bridges, this experience, and these new forms, we must understand that even though they may seem strange, they are known. We must understand that we have much in common"He added.

The film is inspired by the mother's life, in the separation process from her husband, and the domestic employee, a young woman of indigenous people who becomes pregnant after his first sexual experience.

It is a black-and-white portrait, alive and deep, of the domestic conflict and social hierarchies of that time.

Cuarón I wanted to recreate the almost perfect picture that I kept in his memory, and with original furniture, photographs, personal items stored and knocking down the odd wall, he almost built it to the millimeter.

So much so that when his family entered the seat he was shocked, It was practically a trip back in time.

"I couldn't imagine what impact it would have on me and my family, they came to visit the set and they had the same reaction as I. We had not only recreated the interior of the house, we also changed the facade and parked exactly the same cars in street. It was our house ", said the 57-year-old director.

after "Gravity" winner of seven Oscars, Cuarón He dedicated himself to reconstructing this fragment of his childhood.

And at that time I was 10 years old and I still dreamed of being an astronaut. Two were missing for their mother, Cristina Orozco, He will give you a video camera at Christmas as he awakened his passion for cinema.

Orozco, according to the story of Senora Sofia in "Rome", I went through a separation process, forced to reinvent themselves, to move forward.

He died before the premiere, though Cuarón, the other of his four children, He could show it to her almost already finished.

"He felt a great melancholy," reminded this filmmaker who was the first Latin American and Hispanic speaker. in winning Oscar for Best Director for his space odyssey.

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