Roman Reigns makes his first public appearance since the announcement of cancer

adminNovember 25, 2018

Even cancer is not going to keep the Big Dog away when it comes to supporting their Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the week of rivalry.

Roman Reigns made his first public appearance on Saturday since announcing a WWE leave to seek treatment for leukemia. That announcement shocked the world of wrestling, as did the revelation that this is Reigns' second fight against cancer.

Even so, Reigns headed to Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, on Saturday for the big game between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and his alma mater, Georgia Tech. Reigns (real name Joseph Anoa & # 39; i) played famous for the Yellow Jackets as a defensive lineman in the mid-2000s.

Before the start of the game, a camera team from Georgia Tech caught up with Reigns on the field and posted the clip on his Twitter page. You'll notice right away that Reigns looks fantastic, which is great to see.

"I'm the real big dog here, to hell with Georgia, baby," Reigns said.

Georgia and Georgia Tech have a lasting rivalry, which is called "clean and old-fashioned hatred." The Yellow Jackets never defeated the Bulldogs while Reigns was on the team, so he was there on Saturday to support his old team and see if they could shoot down the number five team in the country.

Unfortunately for Reigns and his fellow Georgia Tech fans, Georgia ended up winning the game 45-21. The Bulldogs are now 11-1 on the season, while Georgia Tech fell to 7-5.

Reigns resigned from the WWE Universal Championship during the first minutes of the October 22 edition of Monday Night RAW. It was during that segment that the superstar announced his diagnosis of cancer and permission to leave to seek treatment. He also revealed that he went through a battle against cancer 11 years ago and trusts that he will once again overcome the disease.

According to reports, Reigns began his anti-cancer treatments in early November. While it remains to be seen the exact amount of time that will remain out of action, it is certain that WWE fans can not wait for their return to the ring and television screens around the world.

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