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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Since Rome – 99% won the Golden Lion in the Venice Festival has generated an expansive wave that has won the hearts of all: critics, filmmakers, actors and spectators generally have fallen under the spell of black and white as Alfonso Cuarón pays homage to the women who raised him, but has especially created a love letter for Nana Libo, in Cleo's writing, played by Yalitza Aparicio, an actress who in turn has put Hollywood on her feet qualified by several specialized media as the best actress in 2018.

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The effect the feature film has had on popular culture has not been short, with its arrival in NetflixCuarón promoted Romatón, an activity that consisted of inviting people to perform collective functions that project the film into sheets, special screens or fences in their colonies, while the streaming service launched a very ingenious activation in Mexico City: Collaborating with Roji Guide, placed in strategic points in the city, recreation of newspaper stands in the seventies, they were maps of the Rome colony with the specifications of the places where the tape was shot.

Reviewed by many film critics like Fanny and Alexander – 100% off Alfonso Cuarón, Rome created many pre-premiere expectations on Netflix, which led to record features sold during the previews of the movie in November in the capital.

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Roma follows Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) and Adela (Nancy García García), a couple of indigenous girls who, in the 1970s, work for a middle-class family in the Rome area of ​​the Mexican capital. From there, both will meet in the best possible way a period marked by the political and social changes in the country, in the domestic problems in the family they work for.

Just as Yalitza Aparicio suddenly became the girl on the covers of magazines, her face is also one of the most depicted in the illustrations that several artists have made around the world.

From pencil or pen drawings, black and white or very colorful, the techniques are more and these artists celebrate the triumph of one of the most emotional and human stories that reached the big screen in 2018.

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Rome competes in three categories at the Golden Globes, and is expected to be among the nominees for the Oscar 2019 award. Without further ado, we share the illustrations.

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