Rockers react to all that remains of the death of guitarist Oli Herbert

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Oli herbert


Rockers, musicians and fans react to the news of the death of guitarist Oli Herbert on social networks.

Oli Herbert, founding member and lead guitarist of the heavy metal band All That Remains, was found dead in a pond near his home in Connecticut on Tuesday. The guitarist was just 44 years old.

Police were sent to Herbert's residence on Tuesday afternoon after someone reported him missing, according to Blabbermouth. Police say his death does not seem suspicious, but they are waiting for an autopsy to obtain more information.

The band released a statement about Herbert's death, declaring: "We were devastated to learn that Oli Herbert, our friend, guitarist and founding member of All That Remains, passed away." Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and composer who defined rock and Northeastern metal, its impact on gender and our lives will continue indefinitely. "

The band asked the audience to respect the privacy of Herbert's family at this time, and encouraged the fans to remember him "celebrating the great music he made."

His wife Beth wrote a candid post on Herbert's official Facebook page, requesting privacy from the fans and thanking the fans for the love and support the family had received since the news of her husband's death. .

"Hello everyone, this is Beth, Oli's widow," he wrote on Facebook. "Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words. I do not want to go into what happened until we have a complete picture, but as soon as we do, there will be a statement from the family on this page. Meanwhile, respect our privacy, as there are still relatives who are informed of Oli's death. Thank you."

The death of Herbert was felt by musicians, bands and fans through the heavy metal and rock scene. Many went to social networks to reflect on their musical legacy, to remember the good times they had shared with Herbert and to lament the impact and influence that their music had on their lives.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Johannes Eckerström of Avatar and Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves were among the many musicians who remembered Herbert on Twitter.

Cristina Scabbia, from Lacuna Coil, wrote a tribute to Herbert on Instagram, stating how deeply sad she was when he heard her death, and remembering him as a "sweet, kind and quiet human being".

"These are the news that I would NEVER want to give. I am deeply sad to hear that Oli Herbert of All that Remains passed away. I will always remember him as a very sweet, kind and calm human being. We used to call him "the magician" because of his long hair and beard and the way he used to play his magic with the photos of the guitar and his guitar. My deepest condolences go to the whole band and the family of Oli. "

Fans of Herbert's heartfelt stories shared how inspired they were for him and continued with the music, while others talked about how sweet, respectful and kind he was when fans had the chance to meet him.

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