Rock legend Slash behind Crystal Palace dinosaur campaign

adminNovember 26, 2018

Rock and Roll Guitar Slash has supported a campaign to build a bridge to the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park.

The iconic Guns n Roses band member has revealed the unique collection of lifestyle sculptures, built in 1854, has a "special place" in the heart.

Slash, real name Saul Hudson, tweeted a link to the campaign to build a permanent bridge to the dinosaurs spread across islands.

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, who maintain the sculptures, hope to raise £ 70,000 to fund the project that will allow them to run frequent public tours in the historic landmarks.

Slash, 53, reached his 3.6 million twitter followers on Saturday night. Next to a link to the collection page he said: "If you feel committed, please donate to a place that has always had a special place in my heart."

The campaign went out to Slash after remembering an interview with Dermot Leary in 2014, where he mentioned visiting the dinosaurs as a child.

Slash spent the first five years of his life in Hampstead before moving to LA where he would achieve his rock-god status.

Sarah Slaughter, friends from Crystal Palace Dinosaur's Trustee, said: "I saw that he followed us on Twitter and took the opportunity to send a DM.

"He immediately returned and offered an item for our charity auction, as well as tweeting about us.

"It has been very fun to look at all the responses from locals in the CP area as well.

"I was dancing around the room!"

The auction will be held in mid December and there will also be a fundraiser event at Gipsy Hill Taproom on December 14th.

The campaign is looking for more items to auction and will reach out to other dinosaur-fancying celebrities over time.

Mr Hudson's love for reptiles is well documented. Often seen with a snake around the neck, Steinguden revealed his fascination with the dinosaurs when he spoke to the reptile magazine.

He said, "When I was young and lived in London, I think one of the biggest thrills I had was to go to Crystal Palace.

"Crystal Palace is a big park and it had huge life sculptures of dinosaurs.

"The numbers they had, however, were completely anatomically wrong. I continued to go there and looked at the sculptures and was very much in it."

The models were designed and sculptured by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins under the scientific direction of Sir Richard Owen, representing the latest scientific knowledge of the period.

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