Robots and dragons: The highlights of the series by the editorial team 2018

adminDecember 28, 2018

The highlights of 2018 are not limited to movies alone. The year also had a lot to offer in serial production. The editorial team glances back here and chooses their favorite series of the year.

Tobias maypole

Right with my first favorite, I have to break my own principle and make the rules right for me. Technically counterpart Season 1 was released at the end of last year. The second season is on, so theoretically it can be deeply cruel. But I express my confidence in the series around a parallel world in Berlin. J.K. Simmons plays so wonderfully the two main characters of two worlds, Howard Silk Prime and Howard Silk Alpha, that it is almost a crime that the series is being distributed. In Germany, it's only the consequences on the paid channel Starzplay for Amazon Prime users. My recommendation: Use the trial period of two weeks when the second season is finished in New Year and all twenty episodes are biting. It makes about 1.4 episodes per day, which is with some days of vacation, but certainly create. Who is not convinced yet: From the second season Dieter Hallervorden has a serious role. Seeing is therefore almost a bourgeois duty.

For candidate # 2, it's a slightly bolder choice. Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program, the cyberpunk series from Netflix, has some weaknesses. In the distant future, large corporations will be in power by determining the future of the poor. This happens in the form of sheaths, artificial bodies where people can live on almost infinitely – if they can afford it. Granted, this is not original. However, as a fan of Cyberpunk, the series sees exactly my needs: futuristic skylines, slum and technology. visual marks Changed carbon constitutes what it cannot offer in depth. It's all about holographic hotels controlled by crazy AI, big luxury villas over the clouds, and digital dream worlds full of brutality. Netflix is ​​already planning a new season, which will hopefully make headlines with more than sex and violence. The potential is definitely there.

Stefan Turiak

In the end, there were also many series this year, of which there are enough shots generated. Therefore, I like to use this opportunity to drum up a series that barely attracts attention in the public series debate. This is the Amazon's own production patriotwhich is not as patriotic as the title may indicate. The series started before 2015, but did not receive its second season until 2018.

The secret agent John Tavner is supposed to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear power. To do this, he must initiate various mechanisms that regularly take him to the city of Luxembourg. And again, he has to accept the identity of a businessman and engineer, as well as a job in an American industrial tube company. Thanks to the bizarre numbers working there and a very suspicious boss, this brings with it completely different problems and pitfalls. And "business travel" to Luxembourg is anything but simple. John really just wants to smoke marijuana and sing folk song in Amsterdam which occasionally fails too much about his work as a CIA agent.

The Patriot is obviously not a conventional spy series. But despite the bizarre apparent plot, the series is not so concerned about fussing and laughter. Instead, she considers a melancholy black humor and a very conscious entry. I don't disturb many series anymore, but even though the plot is developing slowly, I can't resist both first and second seasons. In addition, my favorite lost star Terry O & # 39; Quinn plays a major role. So really everything you need.

Nele Bübl

So many great series, it's the decision … wait, it's not 2018 started. Not even. And it's a Chinese romantic comedy series. Tjanun. When it comes to current restarting, I'm worried about this year. But of course there are highlights.

First, it is the animation series Prince of dragons and Hilda, which were both manufactured by or for Netflix. The charming stories of the girl Hilda, experience exciting experiences in the lonely nature, as well as in the city around trolls, foresters, wobbles, giants and others, single prisons of all ages. Although the draftsman Luke Pearson found a good sale, the masses are not known either.

Things are different Prince of dragons behind which the manufacturers of Avatar – Lord of the Element stuck. Of course, since it was announced heavily, the series has to match some comparisons and could not convince many. However, I am thrilled. Nightshade rivers, glowing toads, magic, humor, dragons – please, more!

Granted, it took some time, but eventually it got me Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but enthusiastic. The series is just fun. That she didn't have much to do with the well-known teenage comedy, since both are based on different cartoon painters, I was well aware of. Dennor irritated me a bit by mixing witchcraft and satanism. I'm still not a fan of the aspect, but the manager Evil-Eowyn convinced me and the season had to be done.

Even if no one is The Walking Dead more The doctor like new series, but both made a kind of reboot this year with Showrunner change. As I summed up in the 11th season, the fresh wind makes Whoniverse very good and animates the hell. Also or just because of the accompanying discussions. Walking Dead succeeded, which I hardly dared to hope anymore: to see is finally fun again! A little, the charm of the series starts back.

Anne Jerratsch

Basically, the miniseries had Maniac a pretty difficult position with me. Only half of my eyes followed the first two episodes, while my growing companions were less enthusiastic. When the fascination for more than half still did not want to slow down, I was expecting a new look – a decision I could very rarely make in the current year due to acute time constraints. But I haven't regretted for a moment. because Maniac It is just as absurd, funny and full of interpersonal drama that you are instantly hooked without the feeling of having landed in a strange soap opera.

However, the plot is difficult to summarize. Broadly speaking, the protagonists participate in an experiment that attempts to cross the sense of reality with artificial worlds. Above all, the two main characters convince Emma Stone as a tablet-dependent Annie and a hugely disconcerted Jonah Hill, whom I only recognize after several glances. He plays the depressed and narrow Owen so quietly and intensely that it almost breaks the viewer's heart. Even Justin Theroux as a somewhat crazy, mother-solid researcher is a real resource. Although the other numbers remain somewhat pale in comparison. But the courage to dry something out of the ordinary must be emphasized positively. And a bit of David Lynch meets Sci-Fi doesn't hurt a mass shooter like Netflix.

Because otherwise only I saw older series, which were continued in 2018, I briefly summarize the following: Bei Better ring Saul, the spin-off series too Breaking bath, the fourth season is really about to get to business. Bob Odenkirk as James McGill is usually good as a charismatic fake idiot. Even though he has the heart in the right place at the beginning of the series, he is increasingly tipping into delusions that will later make him the windy Saul Goodman. His equally diligent and cunning partner Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), he seems to pull himself into the abyss. Some of the tricks they work out only work with intestines on the plan and good luck, but most of them are awesome. Only Nacho Varga (Michael Mando), who has worked his way to the right of the drug bosses around the Salamanca clan, is starting to worry – he will join later Breaking bath as little as Kim. May the two have a long life.

Finally, I break a lance again for my secret favorite series: A series of sad events In the middle of the season, the book five to nine of 13-part children's book series (which is not really a children's series) can inspire me a little more. A detailed review I have already formulated in my review of the second season. The series around the rich parents Klaus, Sunny and Violet Baudelaire are still a visual bonbon in the serial landscape, the actors continue to act very satisfactorily to outstanding. The actress of the Esme misery has even made it into some Internet memes – and the history of the good in the world simply remains universally valuable.

Hannes Könitzer

It looks a bit blurry for the Marvel series on Netflix. with Luke Cage. Iron Fist and Daredevil Three formats were discontinued this year. It's a shame about that Daredevil, The third season of the series was very good and is not just one of the best Marvel seasons on Netflix, but one of the best stories on the streaming service ever. Consequently, even if you can at least comfort yourself, the dismissal is sad Daredevil passed on the top.

it Ole, Dole and Doffen on adventure came back to the TV screens last year, but I didn't discover them until this year. As skeptical as I was against the reboot, I was able to win the series so fast. Creators modernize exactly in the right places, but don't forget the strength of the original and find just the right mix. And that it creates a trick series for children, that I myself must throw a tear, I had not thought in advance.

In my third series I go with Tobias and leader Changed carbon into the field. Although Netflix restart could not hide any weakness in content, only from an optical and staged point of view Changed carbon convincing. In addition, the series is probably the coolest name of a serial hero, which again gives bonus points. Season 2 is welcome.

Finally, the question for you. What is this year's top series? Please let us know in the comments.

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