"Robin Hood", a true popcorn film: our critics of chin releases

adminNovember 27, 2018

The followers and our critics of the chin outings.

Robin Hood (Otto Bathurst)

Make sure that the purists remain untouched by this furious makeover and the sexy side of Taron Egerton. But you can also take a simple pleasure and idiot in front of this true movie popcorn with undeniable visual distribution.

Lola and her brothers (Jean-Paul Rouve)

Rouve talks about a normal and caring look at his contemporaries, talking about a normal France with his ups and downs. It captures the spirit of time and all that is immutable in relation to others, life, love, death. Inevitably, a sense of empathy occurs for signs similar to us.

Capharnaüm (Nadine Labaki)

A pamphlet against blind justice, against hypocritical politics, against the traditions of another era. A pamphlet that asks taboo questions without (seeking) to answer, for sure, but it gives a face to the misery that surrounds us every day, but we refuse to see.

A roller in the alleys (Thomas Stuber)

In a setting that can not be less glamorous, Thomas Stuber draws poetry and imagination from the eyes of his character, which confronts loneliness, the lack of communication and the absurdity of their daily lives. The mall or mirror to an impersonal and mechanized society.

Save or go to the ground (Frédéric Tellier)

This movie tells a battle that is so complex and universal. Always playing emotions, he tends to want to move us too much. It will affect some, but aghase others.

Enker (Steve McQueen)

impresses with its casting. A strike strength that is not enough for him to offer a movie 100% successful. It is also sometimes enjoyed in the genre of "big budget action movie", with scenes often expected despite some quite surprises. In short, a good action film, but we expected a little more McQueen.

Ernest and Celestine in the winter (Jean-Christophe Roger & Julien Cheng)

This program with four short films is continuous, full of sweetness, evil and goodwill. True to the originals, the set shows Gabriel Vincent's watercolor features. 2D, 3D, gives the animation a rendering near the drawing. Nice and sore program to see without moderation from 3 years.

The Grinch (Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier)

It feels like a nice pop-up quite harmless. The characters are cute. It is visually rich, lively and sweet for a young audience who must understand that love is worth every gift in the world.

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