Roberto Tapia explains how he was saved from attempted kidnapping that he lived in Michoacán (VIDEO)

adminDecember 29, 2018

After the singer Roberto Tapia He suffered an attack in Michoacán, Mexico, before making a presentation at this site, the interpreter revealing through a sound the moments of anxiety he experienced when kidnapped by an armed group.

"We are suffering from an attempt at kidnapping, but blessed God, it is good, both me and my brother Genaro, my boss Freddy Pérez and the leader of my family, "said the singer, who after being deprived of his freedom for several minutes, appeared in the community of Buenavista to fulfill its commitment.

Through a statement, the singer announced that, after the attackers recognized Roberto Tapia, they called some calls and launched him, as well as those who traveled with him.

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Roberto Tapia

Photo: Instagram / freddy_perezz

"Yes, it was a difficult situation, but we are fine. We are people with healthy work, we are people who dedicate us to music, and that is what we considered in this case," Tapia said in the sound that was published in the Instagram account of Freddy Pérez.

The singers leader showed that the men, who were heavily armed, took Tapias van to flee after leaving him in freedom.

At the moment, both the interpreter and everyone involved in the kidnapping are good and are about to reunite with their families and spend New Year's communities with them after completing the artist's last presentation.

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