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adminJanuary 9, 2019

In an outbreak of philosophy, Chris Evans, a world-famous actor who gave Captain America's life for eight years, wrote a letter about technology on Twitter, and perhaps inviting people not to rely so much on "smart" technology because others have pointed out , there is a risk of losing many valuable things by being totally hooked on the screen. Although his message is blessed, there are also fruitful grounds for grilling, and that is what Robert Downey Jr. did, his co-worker at Marvel and The Avengers like Iron Man.

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Captain America is a hero of World War II, originally a noble and fair soldier, but with a body that is not very suitable for battle. Being modified with super advanced technology becomes a muscular man and with the strength of several people together. At the end of the movie Captain America: The first avenger – 79% he sacrifices to save mankind and remains frozen for more than 60 years; When rescued, the world has changed so much that it takes him a little to adapt, and it is a very useful resource for creating fun moments where his naive contrasts much with the selfish and billionaire genius Tony Stark.

Therefore, this tweet worthy of Captain America who sought to move conscience was perfect for Downey Jr., who for some time seems to have become the real Tony.

Unlike Steve Rogers, Evans doesn't care about his language, but at least he censored the word "fucking" in his tweet:

Dear Technology, do you remember when you worked in the 90s? I do not need "smart" features on my TV, a thermostat, lights, music, refrigerators, security cameras and a car. You are like a big pimple on all our donkeys. You're not worth the signed, everyone.

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But the most epic was Downey Jr's answer:

Hi Mark Ruffalo, it seems Capen needs some advice from science bros.

In fiction, both Stark and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) are people with superior intelligence, making them very suitable to teach the captain a little about all the good things that technology can give us, as long as we do not let us become their slaves .

Ruffalo was quick to respond and this is what he said:

Call us or send us a private message if you need our help, Chris Evans. Take care of your language

These are some of the best reactions to the fans:

The cap never changes.

This year we will most likely see Downey Jr. and Evans share the screen that plays Avengers in Avengers: Endgame, the epic conclusion of the movie story that started in 2008 and that will climax with this release.

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