Rob Kardashian played Blac Chyna in the child support war … Or did he?

adminNovember 13, 2018


Rob Kardashian

We play Blac Chyna in the maintenance war

… but she begs to defer

11/13/2018 8:05 AM PST


Rob Kardashian has gone to court to get a reduction in child support, but it's something I planned to do for more than a year … and everything was designed to get Blac Chyna Stop the allegations of domestic violence that could have cost you custody.

Sources related to the case say that TMZ, Rob and Chyna are now in a war for how much they have to pay to support a 2-year-old child Dream. As we reported, Rob agreed in September 2017 to pay him $ 20,000 a month in child support. Now she says that she is basically broken and that she is rolling in the dough.

Our sources say that Rob agreed to pay $ 20,000 a month knowing that a judge would have reduced that amount significantly, but he needed Chyna to reject his claim that he physically abused her: hit her aggressively, push her and push her to the ground during their relationship, something that could have hurt him badly in his custody fight.

In exchange for Rob agreeing to pay $ 20k per month, Chyna fell restraining order of domestic violence and agreed to give it 50/50 shared custody of his son. Our sources say that Rob planned from the first moment to let a time pass, then return to court and ask for a reduction in alimony, claiming that he has practically no income. That is exactly what he has done.

Chyna's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, he tells TMZ … Chyna was NOT played and he knew Rob would probably go back to court for a reduction in support. Bloom says that her client made her comment and got what she wanted: an agreement that Rob would leave her alone. She also got him to agree not to publish anymore. revenge porn pointing to it, something Bloom says has chased Chyna to this day.

Bloom says that Chyna never wanted to fight for custody and wanted Rob to participate in Dream's life. He also claims that Rob pretends to be poor when he leads a luxurious lifestyle. She says: "Rob has deliberately withdrawn from social networks to suppress his income to reduce support." What kind of father does he play with the support of his own baby?

And, says Bloom, Chyna still has a separate and active civil case against Rob that raises the problem of domestic violence.


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