Rita Rugeroni on "Christmas for divorced parents" – News

adminDecember 28, 2018

The radio broadcaster is currently married to Pedro Ribeiro, director of the Rio Comercial. From the association Carminho was born, a year.

Christmas is appreciated by many as family time. However, it is not always synonymous with an idyllic setting. At this time, many families are forced to dismember so that children of separated parents can enjoy the court with both parents.

Rita Rugeroni is experiencing this experience, and this Thursday, she ventured with fans for the more "troublesome" side of Christmas and how she felt the magic of courting Carminho's birth, a year after her marriage to Pedro Ribeiro.

"For divorced parents, Christmas only has one day, 24 or 25, depending on the year." It's the family party, but many are forced to share what they share the most, the kids. Time, the prospect of coming back to being the "happiest time of the year", seemed to me very distant … But then … Carminho was born. My dear daughter, my joy, the one who makes someone Monday a true consonant, this little person who came to collect everything again, who laughs with all his face and reminds me at any time that if the parents are good, the children are happy, " he wrote.

Remember Rita is Francisco and Miguel, from a previous relationship. Pedro Ribeiro also has three children – Mafalda, Gonçalo and Maria – from another relationship.

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