Rita Pereira: "The name will only be released when it is born"

adminDecember 26, 2018

Almost being the mother of a boy, novelty that gave in social networks and debut of Dance with the stars, Rita Pereira already has everything ready for the arrival of his baby, for a month, but as he confessed, he had to resort to specialized help not to spread in shopping:An angel appeared in my life, of 100% Baby, a person who recruits and who treats us all. I trusted Isabel, and it was she who gave me advice and made my life easier. Everything is already chosen and everything prepared for this baby's arrival, now just enjoy. " The name is already determined, but no one in Rita's family or his companion, Guillaume Lalung, you know, since the actor wanted it to be a secret for the two: "The name will only be released when he is born, and my sister does not know either. They talk me a lot, they bring me lists of names to see if they find out, but Guillaume and I really wanted to keep this for us. is not part of this world, he has not asked to live in this public moment, and he is also entitled to something of ourselves, it was a very simple choice, and the name suddenly popped us into a super-romantic dinner for two. Will give to English, Portuguese and French. "
With a stomach unclear until now, only in this last month the actor began to feel some of the "discomforts" of pregnancy: "I do not go unnoticed, and now I understand luck, I have, because I cannot imagine what it is to have this belly within six months, because it weighs, I go against things, I have to open more doors, like a pea and i are superfoot! [Risos.] I wake up one morning pregnant and at night I'm triple. This is really an adventure, but I understand more and more that I have had a holy pregnancy. I have heard my body, I know that when I do sports I feel much better, less bloated and tired, and I feel very good with the ten kilos I have fat so far. "
This last phase of pregnancy also coincided with the realization of a project she wanted, the presentation of the dance with the stars: "I'm so focused on the program that pregnancy is a bit on the side. I've had insomnia, not because of the baby, but because of the work. I think if I had done this program without being pregnant, it wouldn't have the same brightness."The child's birth will not be a hindrance to the continuation of the program, because he guarantees, as soon as he can return, that the child is relapsing:"I will have the baby and I will return to the program as soon as possible, but everything will depend on my body, I will not force anything or put myself at risk. "

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