Rita Pereira – The actor's birth costs a fortune

adminDecember 29, 2018

Rita Pereira chose to have their first child surrounded by facilities. The actress gave birth to a boy, whom she called Lonô, at the Luz Hospital in Lisbon. The child is a result of his relationship with Guillaume Lalung and was born December 27th.

Rita Pereira had a "natural birth", which she herself said about social networks when she announced the birth of the child. The health facility in Lisbon now has a small fortune for vaginal delivery.

Learn all about Rita Pereira's birth here.

Target selected name and reviews

The actor had explained that the choice of the first child's name, as a result of the relationship with Guillaume Lalung, would be different and adapted to three languages: Portuguese, French and English. But the name Lono does not seem to satisfy any of the fans, who made use of publishing the child's first photograph, made on Instagram, to leave more opinions.

Among the nearly 13,000 comments added this afternoon, most of them, congratulations, there are several reviews.

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