Rita Pereira explains why FECHOU 4 of 7 restaurants are Beiju

adminJanuary 8, 2019

In December 2016, Rita Pereira opened the first Beiju tapioca in the Amoreiras shopping center in the heart of Lisbon, promising many more spaces and bringing tapioca to all Portuguese. After two years, of the seven spaces that have opened, only 3 remain.

Rita Pereira confirms that she has closed three stores and explains why. "First of all we are three partners, I do not decide alone. We closed four stores because they offered us a large sum to keep the spaces where the shops were. I am a business woman and therefore we left these places. I would rather Make money there and then open elsewhere, "warns the actor and businesswoman.

Rita points out that she did not sell the Beiju brand, just left the spaces where the trademark was. Beiju remains open at the Amoreiras shopping center, Lisbon, and at Alameda Shopping and Via Catarina, Porto.

Shops closed

At Cascais Shopping, Beiju opened its doors in October 2017. At the mall's website, no sign of Beiju and from Cascais Shopping confirms us. "Yes, it's locked up." A few kilometers further, in Oeiras Parque, the story is the same. Also opened in October 2017, but is already closed. On the spot there is no sign of Beiju.

In Lisbon, in Centro Comercial Alvalade, idem idem, quotes. Tapiocaria Beiju opened in September 2017, but no longer exists.

At Martim Moniz, Tapiocaria opened in December 2017 closed doors in November, and the space is open as an Italian restaurant.

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