Rihanna with sexy thong and bra

adminJanuary 10, 2019

It was 2003 then Rihanna began her career as a singer, composer, record producer, model and dancer. After almost 16 years of its first appearance in the artistic world continues to captivate successors for several of its products.

And this was demonstrated in the last few hours when the beautiful woman excited her followers of Instagram Publish a series of photographs that show much of the now hidden charms.

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The singer, as if it was Magia's gift to her fans, decided to reveal a bold photograph with a sexy lingerie.

The sensual garment, as it sounds logical, is part of its new collection for Valentine's Day. As expected, the artist's intention is to promote that underwear to serve as a gift or to capture women on that day to be loved.

it Rihanna sexy body in the picture is covered only with the bold underwear in the fuchsia while showing part of his butt.

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The truth is that the new designs of the famous singer of Barbados are very sensual and flirtatious and let us see that very close to her when she 31 years maintains a spectacular figure with sharp curves and long hair.

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