Rihanna dedicates emotional message to fanatics who died after fighting cancer

adminDecember 29, 2018

The singer moved all his followers.

Rihanna moved all her followers after sending an emotional message to Monia, a fanatic who recently lost the fight against cancer.

"Angels of the Navy! This Christmas we lost a beautiful spirit that was such a strong pillar for us, most of our friendship has been used in hospitals or in doctor's offices. This picture was just a few months ago, he looked at me and said: Rih the cancer has returned. I will never forget the fear in your eyes this day! Still, she continued, fighting the fight every day with Navy behind her, and supporting her every step of the way. We are all disturbed by this. never forget you, "wrote the singer.

Monia died on Christmas Eve. He met Rihanna in June during a presentation that the singer had in London.

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