Ricky Martin celebrated the success of his series on the nights

adminJanuary 7, 2019

USA (Redaccin) – Known more for his work as a singer than for his role as an actor, Ricky Martin is encouraged by the challenge proposed by FX and put on shoes by Antonio D & # 39; Amico, an Italian catwalk model that was a pair of Gianni Versace at the time of his murder. The game was perfect for the 47-year-old Puerto Rican, and now, in their networks, celebrated the two Golden Globes the series received, including the best mini drama series.

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Along with the entire cast of the series, Ricky Martin shared the joy of the night with his followers of Instagram: "WE WANT THE GOLDEN GLOBE! Oh, one year! Our worlds will cross again …" said the artist to leave a clear message he wants to meet again in front of the cameras with his counterparts.

Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, was responsible for receiving the award for the best dramatic miniseries made for television, where Ricky Martin participated, which had already been recognized for his work in production with an Emmy nomination last year.

For his part, Darren Cris, who played Versace killer Andrew Cunanan, took home the Golden Globe for best actor for TV miniseries or movies, the impeccable appearance of the actor was worth, in addition to the prize, the praises of the singer born in Puerto Rico .

Ricky Martin began a new phase in life where he realized that he had been without sleep for 15 days, since he and his partner Ywan Josef had their first daughter through a stomach rent. The little girl, called Luca, goes with the family Martin-Josef, since the couple already had Valentino and Matteo, born in August 2008.

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