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For more than a year, Kevin Spacey had more or less disappeared. After several men said in the fall of 2017 that the actor had bullied them sexually, he withdrew from the public. At the end of December last year, he finally published a bizarre video where he apparently resumed the role of amoral politician Frank Underwood in the Netflix series "House of Cards", which he had been playing for several years.

In addition, he recently purchased a pizza from a photographer who discovered him in Baltimore and wanted to take pictures. Otherwise, Spacey, one of the most successful and best players today, saw nothing and nothing to hear.

But this way, Spacey must involuntarily return to the public eye. The Nantucket County Court in Massachusetts sues him for sexual harassment and assault. The judge ordered Spacey's personal appearance, even though he had requested in writing to stay away from the hearing. He lived in another state and feared that his appearance would increase the negative publicity surrounding the case, he wrote. Judge Thomas Barrett rejected the request without giving a reason.

Popular with tourists in the summer

Spacey is accused of harassing an 18-year-old man in a bar at Nantucket in 2016. Nantucket is a small island off the northeastern coast of the United States, home to about 11,000 people. In summer, the population multiplies because the island is a popular holiday destination. As the deed is said to have happened on Nantucket, Spacey will return to the public now in this distant space of the earth.

The mother of the alleged 18-year-old alleged victim, a former Boston news anchor, made the case public in November 2017. On Christmas Eve 2018, the Boston Globe reported that charges were brought against Spacey. He informed the court that he used to be "not guilty". The process at Nantucket should be followed by many more.

In Hollywood, Spacey is considered Persona non grata

Spacey's case began back in October 2017, when actor Anthony Rapp explained that he had been sexually misunderstood by the Hollywood star as a 14-year-old. The now 59-year-old Spacey was 26 at that time. Spacey said he couldn't remember the incident, but if it happened, he was an unforgettable mistake on a full. He's sorry.

But then more and more men reported harassment. Spacey had pushed her into a movie set or in the theater, he had shown his penis that he wanted sex. Hollywood responded quickly. His role as Frank Underwood in the successful series "House of Cards" has been canceled.

Even more radical was director Ridley Scott, who had just shot the movie "All Money of the World" with Spacey, which is about the kidnapping of a grandson of US oil magnate J. Paul Getty. Spacey played this magnate, and his performance was worthy of Oscar, it was said in Hollywood. Nonetheless, Scott is completely out of the movie and quickly re-shot the scenes with actor Christopher Plummer.

In the weird video that Spacey released in December, he says, "You wouldn't judge without knowing the facts, would you?" The boundaries between his role as Frank Underwood and himself seem blurry. "We're not done yet," he says, "whatever is said." What he thinks of it is confusing, but it can be true in many ways.

Spacey three minute video with dramatic music. (Source: Youtube / Kevin Spacey)
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