Ricardo Cobo will return to the mayor's office?

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December 30, 2018 – 7:20 am


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A delirious Puerto Rican

The Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony, in turn for presentations of the Cali show, would not miss the Delirio show with its premiere game El Chachachá del Diluvio. His feelings were such that, where no one saw him, he applauded the artists for several minutes, interpreting his success "Vivir mi vida".

Then, a scary Marc Anthony went to the dressing room to congratulate the dancers who were thrilled to recognize a singer of the Puerto Rico style who, 10 years ago, did not attend a public show. The artist congratulated Andrea Buenaventura on the level of the show. A delirious Puerto Rican …

Apart from this, the artist made donations to charities such as Casita de Belén (US $ 300,000) and Asodic Whales, including by Jeison Aristizábal ($ 100,000).

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The most sought after bullfight was on Thursday with bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey who led the poster, due to lack of parking, was the congestion around the square total, so the bullfight had to be postponed.

In the middle of the situation, Caracoll's bullfighter commentator Guillermo Rodríguez got the mayor and in direct contact demanded that the trafficker respond to what the president said, "And what is the traffic? That people wake up more. Why can I get there?"

New year, old war

As "very hard," they predict from the Mayor of Cali the new year approaching, according to which was heard in a lunch offered in the reliance on the mass media to close the year. And the difficult thing is not because of the projects or the budget, but of the political competition that is going to choose the new president of the city.

Nearby circles of mayor Maurice Armitage claim that several aspirants will be alert to see any mistakes the municipal administration makes to capitalize it politically and thereby win over voters and catapult into the city's first position.

So in the CAM, they think they will be counted and plucked, but they will remain fixed to meet the proposed goals.

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This week, former Cali Mayor, Ricardo Cobo, confirmed his ambition to the Mayor of Cali. The exmandatario of the city will be registered by the Conservative Party and his candidacy is supported by renowned regional politicians.

"It's what God wants, and if it's time to redirect this city, everything happens. The idea is to formalize my registration in mid-January 2019 as the only candidate for the Conservative Party, without having a consultation," Cobo says. .


We devoted so much to the football player, Rafael Santos Borré, in the basilica of Buga, thanking the gentleman's master that he has become one of the best scores in the club's world cup.

The former Cali sportsman and now a member of Argentina's River Plate, entered Lady City with his parents and other relatives, who in the future managed to mislead the fans because he dyed the hair blonde.

When the promise of the Miracle of Buga is met, Santos Borré will surely go for more triumphs in 2019.

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