Rey Mysterio unmasked himself during an assault on WWE SmackDown Live

adminNovember 21, 2018

Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio had not fought since the WWE Crown Jewel last month, but it had been twelve years since Mysterio and Orton had clashed in the ring on SmackDown.

Before the game started, Mysterio had the opportunity to cut promotions in the backstage and Orton really seemed to focus on Mysterio's mask during his time to talk.

Orton focused on Rey and his mask during his contest. He looked for the legendary mask of Mysterio a couple of times and on the second attempt saw him tear the hole in Rey's eye creating a big tear.

Mysterio ended up catching two RKOs during his game against Orton, and the first was quite stellar when Orton caught him off the air while Mysterio went down a suicide baseball slide outside the ring.

But after the game ended, Orton did not finish with a long shot. King took a chair and wrapped it around Mysterio's neck before hitting it against the ring post, but all that activity caused Mysterio's mask to fly out exposing his face for a very short time in the chamber.

SmackDown Live concluded this week with Randy Orton holding Mysterio's mask over his head while fans begged him to return it. The referees rushed to the ring to not only control Rey, but also to hide his face.

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