Review of WWE NXT (November 21, 2018): Moving forward

adminNovember 22, 2018

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Keith Lee Finish a squad of Fidel Bravo with the Super Nova. The highlights of Shayna Baszler's successful defense of the NXT Women title are shown, and the post-match interview is played stating she is unstoppable with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke at her side. The pre-show setup of Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno is broadcast, followed by a Riddle knockout and a postgame interview.

– NXT should use legitimate workers more often. That way, they resist the temptation to submit an act of low card that they have signed with the Performance Center list for a minute of offense against the acquisition of the great free agent they are creating. We should have seen things like this before Lee went on sale for Marcel Barthel and Kona Reeves.

Anyway, this was fun. The Limitless One looked like a star, and Bravo did it in a way that maximized his minutes (someone should like him, because they brought him on Tuesday to put the team of Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick in 205 live).

– I had already forgotten the angle of "was Kairi Sane leaning on the third and decisive pinfall?" Which was mentioned in the post-Triple H interview with Cathy Kelley, and the replay here shows that it definitely was. This video also supports Haitch's explanation that Drake Wuertz could not have seen that shoulder from where he counted. I'm ready to move on from the Sane / Baszler rivalry for a while (after a trio of matches with Io Shirai and Dakota Kai on the Pirate Princess team), but that's a well-executed way of keeping it going, if they want to.

– Pretty sure a post-Take the control The special has never issued the complete configuration for a match and then the full match before. But then, they have never set up and delivered a match in five minutes to one Take the control before. And, hey, they promised that Riddle vs. Ohno would be in this episode …

Lars Sullivan crush Keita Murray, fixing him after a Freak Accident. He grabs a microphone to say he will continue to happen to others until she has a shot at the title. Lee stops a follow-up assault on Murray, who runs to push Lars out of the ring. After the "Exclusive Film" of Aleister Black's victory over Johnny Gargano, we see a new post-match clip where Black has a brief and silent encounter with Candice LeRae.

– Another game of well-executed improvement, it's not that Sullivan needs one at this point. This should be a good way for Loquacious Leviathan to go and put another big man on his way out, although I still wonder how fast he will move to Raw or Slap. I really enjoyed the brief fight with Lee, because it means that there will be a hoss incoming fight and why …

Also often, but not always, I shamelessly connect my own social networks while occupying space in a review of a Take the control "aftermath".

– Speaking of which … Usually, I wonder who (apart from the fans in countries where this program is broadcast on TV) is seeing these messages.Take the control episodes I mean, if you have the Red or Hulu for them, why are not you just watching? Take the control? But I really dug the two "Exclusive Images" packages. This in Black / Gargano because some of the dramatic elements that I found were placed a bit too thick while watching the live stream better in this format.

– A new piece of material that we obtained in the episode was the tense non-verbal exchange between Candice and Aleister. This is twice now that we have been presented with a callback to your friend / association during the Almas / Vega fight. Where are you going, though? Since he is not driving LeRae vs. Black, I still want a mixed brand between Garganos and Aleister and Nikki.

The successful defense of Tommaso Ciampa's title against Velveteen Dream is recapitulated, and officials hold Lee and Sullivan apart while shouting behind the scenes. We were told that this shouting match led General Manager William Regal to establish a real match between the two for next week. The victory of Pete Dunne, Ricochet & War Raiders over the undiscussable ERA in WarGames receives the treatment of "Exclusive Images". Nikki Cross def Candice LeRae through pinfall with a rope hanging breaking the neck turning, after the anger of Candice seems to get the most out of it.

– If you're like me and you really did not feel WarGames combat in Take the control, give this version a try. Like the Aleister package that absolved Johnny of his sins, the "Exclusive Images" aspect of WarGames was an entertaining way to watch the game. In this presentation, we are not waiting forever for the "party beyond". And we do not have to sit through the preparation stretches for some of the really impressive places they achieved.

– Our main event was a sufficiently strong issue that existed mainly to raise questions about what is happening with Candice. He came out with his colorful cupcake team to the usual music, but immediately showed an edge. LeRae did not have time for Nikki's "playtime" antics, and her desire to increase the pace cost her several times during the match, even at the end.

The cross wins surprised me a bit, although there is a symmetry that both Wrestlings lost at the Staples Center as a result of giving in to the dark side. The big problem that advertisers made about the fact that Candice expelled Nikki's auctioneer had to build her even in defeat … but, honestly, she did not know that nobody had thrown out of the Purge so far, so it's not so awesome as it could have been.

Above all, apart from the mixed tag mentioned above, I still hope that this will lead to something for LeRae. And I mean Candice, not Mrs. Gargano. This is not a new hope, of course. We have seen some positive signs in the past, and she has more screen time and matches. But her story is still, in the best of cases, an indirect effect and, at worst, a secondary role in her husband.

And since I did not talk enough about it, I'd like to close by saying: "Nikki Cross rocks."

These "later" tricks are difficult to qualify, and I am always tempted not to rate them. Instead, we'll call it in half. There are worse ways to spend your time (looking at you, Raw) but you can also see a clip or two and be ready for next week's show from San Jose and the beginning of the road to Phoenix.

Grade: C

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