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adminOctober 27, 2018

Salem is a city of broken hearts, and the loves of people often die in strange and violent ways, until Days of our lives decides to bring them back.

During the week of 10-22-18, Nicole seemed to perish in a fire, putting an end to an exaggerated plot about a miraculous drug of resurrection and a laboratory full of previously dead evils that Kristen Dimera was trying to revive.

Nicole's tragic death can lead to a lot of drama, but I doubt she's dead.

Caught in the explosion (high) - Days of our lives

We have taken this path too many times before for his death to be credible.

Each classic supercoplo has gone through a supposed story of a dead person. Jack Deveraux probably has the record number of deaths reported incorrectly, but Hope, Marlena, Steve and Will have been presumed dead at one time or another and then show up again at the most uncomfortable time possible.

The DAYS are determined to give Nicole and Eric supercoplop status, why not them too?

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The setup is perfect for a return from the dead later, too. Nicole's death did not show up in the air; the spectators saw her surrounded by flames and then saw a fireman give Eric his collar (which somehow had survived the fire intact) and tell him that he regretted that there were no survivors.

Nicole may have escaped or been kidnapped by Kristen, who allegedly also died in the fire, as it did not appear that her body had been found.

Is Nicole dead? - Days of our lives

It saddens me to lose Nicole because it is another of my favorite characters to bite the dust, but it is difficult to reverse tears in her disappearance when it seems very likely that she will one day return.

I'm more crazy than sad about all this. I did not mean to play any word games, but I'm exhausted by all these character deaths!

Writers rarely write to anyone in any way other than killing them, and they inevitably struggle to find a way to get them back when the actor is available again or the fan's demand for the character's return is high.

Would not it be much easier to write characters without killing them so that they can return when history requires it?

I think it would have been poetic justice that Nicole had not had any romantic interest in Eric because he did not believe in her enough to go looking for her when she left the city for the first time, instead of believing her lies about not loving him anymore.

That would have been Eric's karma for leaving Jen so fast when she heard that Nicole might be available despite having promised her a billion times that Nicole was in her past!

And it would have been more in line with Nicole's strong and carefree character than her commitment to blackmail not once, but twice.

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It was also strange that Sami was the voice of reason. She kept encouraging Eric to make reasoned decisions instead of taking stupid risks for Nicole's sake or telling Brady things he might regret later.

She might even have suggested the character's growth on her part if it were not for the fact that she had run the same stupid risks to rescue a boy who might or might not be EJ thirty seconds before discouraging Eric from doing the same.

Although I loved your conversation anyway. Eric and Sami have that special twin bond, and we do not see it often enough.

Eric has always been represented as the "good" twin, but it was obvious that the two are not as different as everyone thinks. Both have an impulsive streak and a bad temper, it's just that Eric hides better when he's not caught up in a crazy drama about his love life.

Sami faces Kristen (Alta) - Days of our lives

I've never been a fan of EJ, but at this point I hope the mysterious patient turns out to be him, because it would be cruel if Sami saved a random guy who has nothing to do with her.

However, now that supposedly Xander has also perished, I would love for Paul Tefler to become an EJ. I always thought I had the right look, sound and attitude, and the way Xander treated Nicole was not much different from the way EJ treated Sami when he was a villain that forced her to have sex with him in Place of the love of his life. .

However, I prefer that Sami be part of this baby Bonnie instead of Chloe.

Chloe and Mimi went crazy in the era of Last Blast in the 90s, so to face them again is a nod to the story. I get it.

But Sami and Lucas have two children together and they've always had each other on their backs, so it does not make much sense that they've never met him since his return to Salem.

He should have been worried about everything that was going on around Marlena's shooting and she should have been worried about this baby thing.

Mimi Panics (Tall) - Days of our lives

And with Belle defending Bonnie and Mimi, Sami next to Lucas would be a natural source of the kind of drama that only Sami can bring.

Sami already has a grudge against Belle because Belle insisted on following Marlena's Advance Directives, and that these sisters' hatred for each other goes way beyond the basic sibling rivalry.

Also, nobody does the protection in the same way as Sami. Compared to what she would do, Chloe's attempts to confront Bonnie and Mimi are nothing.

Maybe if he had told Rex the truth in the first place, none of this would have happened. But it's too late. That ship has sailed.


Mimi must have been away from Salem for too long if she believes that the only night she had with Rex and her resulting pregnancy will remain a secret for a long time.

Every secret that someone saves eventually explodes in their face. Hopefully only once, someone remembers it.

And if Mimi and Chloe rejected the grudge of decades, Chloe could tell her how well it worked when she tried to maintain her one-night relationship with Philip for herself, including the way Parker's fatherhood kept changing.

An unwanted reception (high) - Days of our lives

Although I like Rex so far. He is the best part of this story, and I'm glad that Kate has another child to put her in her place because her nose is too much in her business.

Kate reprimanded me with her defense against Rex's claim that she does not approve of her children's romantic partners, which was summed up in the argument that she would approve if they only chose the people she approves.

I do not understand how strong and exaggerated is Mama Bear Kate, who is not above poisoning people she thinks have crossed paths with her children and who always gets away with others, could be allowing Gabi to push her in the horrible story of the gas light.

His scenes with Rex showed how out of place the rest of his behavior is. Although I do not like Kate, when it's written correctly, it's a hate-hate character, not just an annoying one.

I was glad that Chloe caught Bonnie's subterfuge, even if she wanted the honor to have gone to Sami. But why are everyone else so stupid?

It seemed to me that all Lucas had to do was take a video of Bonnie stumbling around and forgetting that she was supposed to take care of the baby and that this would be the end of her custody case.

The evil characters take videos of people to blackmail them all the time, so why do the good guys never think about it when it would actually be useful?

Mimi's constant circling around the baby and having a more than fraternal interest in who gets custody should be a gift to all of what is happening.

And the fact that Rex not only feels a bond with the baby, but that Mimi gets scared every time she mentions that she belongs to Lucas, should give her a hint of something strange.

Nanny Baby Bonnie - Days of our lives

And what's wrong with Belle? One week, she insists that it would be totally unethical to ignore Marlena's Advance Directives and the next time she agrees to go to court to perpetuate a fraud.

Belle promised to defend Mimi against the false threat of Bonnie to deliver her for a murder that occurred at least 30 years ago, would have made sense.

This causes none and only ruins Belle's character. Again.

Stefan Dreams of Gabby (Tall) - Days of our lives

At least Bonnie's plot is simply irritating. It is not offensive as it is still the mess of Stefan / Gabi / Chad / Abigail.

There were so many problems with the developments in that story during the week of 10-18-22 that it's hard to know where to start.

Stefan's delirious dream that "Gabby" came to see him and begged him to get rid of Abigail for her was as boring as it was offensive.

Stefan and Gabby are not a love story. He is a rapist who rationalizes his violation and the less we see him, the better.

Days of our lives: why social messaging matters

This story about Chad's decision to engage with Abigail is fraught with inaccuracies that could deter viewers with mental illness from seeking help as well.

It does not make sense that Justin can get a court order to inadvertently hospitalize Abigail without the testimony of a psychiatrist. The word of a layman that "I think this person is dangerous" is not enough, you need a mental health professional.

And even if Gabi's story were true, hitting someone in the head without fatality during an apparent argument does not by itself meet the danger standard for others required by involuntary hospitalization.

Also, should not the shape of her bruise in the photo prove that she hit herself instead of being hit by another person?

In the sense of history, it is required that almost everyone act out of the ordinary.

Jennifer: "My children are right, even when they are wrong", Horton suddenly thinks that Kate said something to her daughter.

Chad does not seem to be at all in conflict when making the heartbreaking decision to institutionalize his wife.

And unless JJ is playing with Gabi, he has also become stupid for the sake of history.

Trying to get to the truth (high) - Days of our lives

I really hope it is. The lies of Gabi are obvious and it is bad enough that Chad has become Mr. Oblivious without JJ doing it too.

JJ has been careful to say neutral things around Gabi that sound like she could believe him, but she has not supported her directly and has told Abigail that he is on her side.

It's great at covert work, so I'm cautiously optimistic that this is what he's doing.

In general, it has no history or is terrible, so I would like it to break the mold.

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Abigail's solution to all this was to divorce Chad and marry her rapist.

She seems to think that she is using Stefan's deceptions about Gabby to help him, but she is playing with fire.

Stefan is the one who needs to be engaged and any sign that Gabby is returning to him will make her behave unpredictably. We already had a rape that became magically consensual sex in this story and we do not need a replay.

Also, why does Abby have to marry Stefan to make this plan work?

All you have to do is divorce Chad and give someone who trusts the power of attorney.

John needs a favor (high) - Days of our lives

This story is so horrible that I appreciated the silly story of Hattie / Roman / John / Marlena.

I do not like the way DAYS is misusing their vets. Roman is involved in keeping Hattie neutralized, while Abe boils down to screaming about parking spots. But these two stories are much less irritating to my last nerve than this Abby crap.

If nothing else, Hattie's interactions with Roman are good for some laughter, although the idea that she will voluntarily return to jail because he said it makes no sense.

If Roman has to get involved in this nonsense, why not convince a judge to end Hattie's sentence early because she was so useful or something?

Trying to reason with Abe (High) - Days of our lives.

And what about Abe? The Abe that I know and love for more than 30 years has much more important things to do than worry about someone parking in their place.

Lani almost made me think she had learned something when she tried to explain that Sheila's behavior was a defense against harm. Too bad he has a hidden motive as usual.

She does not care about Sheila's need to have a second chance. She just wants her away from Eli … although she rejected Eli.

So, what did you think, DAYS fans?

Give comments with your thoughts about Days of our lives during the week of 10-22-18, and do not forget to check on Sunday for our round table of the Days of our lives.

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