Revenge of Maria Cerqueira Gomes – "It is Manuel Luís Goucha's fault"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Maria Cerqueira Gomes is very excited to share the lead role in TVI's morning Manuel Luís Goucha. And, as the presenter, the new star in the channel of Queluz de Baixo, decided to make a joke in the social networks.

Just as Goucha had done with a lamb, Maria gave the name Manuel Luís to a horse. "He was born two years ago, but only today he was baptized! I present to you Manuel Luis, "he wrote in the legend of the picture where he appears next to the animal, which he added to the speed" Manuel Luís Gouchas error ".

Manuel Luís Goucha presented Maria

A few days ago, Manuel Luís Goucha had played with a lamb, born in the Alentejo party at the presenter.

"The mountain has these spells. A new sheep was born today. And it will already appear in the pictures that will promote you on TV January 2, which is when everything is left (starts)." I baptized her by Mary! explained at that time.

On the day of the release, Maria Cerqueira Gomes did not lose the opportunity to respond and "greeted" the new citizen in the future of his fellow colleague: "Hello, Maria!".

Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes made their debut on TVI on January 2 and there is already a renewed campaign on TV.

"In January, discover the perfect couple. Manel and Maria. Different at all. But they are the same mainly, in attitude and in a good mood. Together in you on TV, "you can hear it in the video.

Text: WIN Writing / Digital Content; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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