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adminOctober 11, 2018

Ariana Grande released a great news on October 10. He is following his album "Sweetener", which was released in August, with a completely new playlist for the end of the year! Watch Ari say that herself.

Arianators, rejoice. Not even two full months have passed since Sweetener blessed our Spotify playlists, and Ariana Grande, 25, will release another album before it sounds in 2019! A paparazzi caught Ariana walking with her fiance. Pete Davidson, 24, in New York City on October 10, and asked an important question: "Are we going to get another album before the end of the year?" The singer did not hesitate to shout "Yes!" After the dad answered that he is excited, Ari shouted: "Me too!" If that sounds too good to be true, Watch the video here. However, it is possible that Ariana was joking. Hollywoodlife has contacted the representatives of Ariana to confirm if the news is true.

The same day the video appeared, Ariana posted an Instagram photo of her in a recording studio. But it has been leaving clues about a project that is looming all week! She tested a preview of a song never heard before on her Twitter on October 4, subtitling the video, "tell me how good it feels to be necessary." But the most revealing evidence is found in an Instagram response! "And what if she only toured so much to sweeten as for AG5," commented the fan account @thegranderoom on Instagram, referring to Ariana's fifth unreleased album, and the fact that Ariana has not come out in a Sweetener "I showed this to the scooter and he says," Who is this fortune-teller who is dictating all our movements? "wrote Ariana on October 2. She is talking about her manager, Scooter braun!

What can we expect from the new album? A paparazzi said he heard the "r & b" voices of a fan on his Instagram account, @ cesar247paps! "I heard about five tracks that exploded their suv the other day, so far very well," the paparazzi said in an Instagram post. Understandably, the fans are overwhelmed, given that Sweetener Already a great success! After being released on August 17, Ari's new tracks have gone on to top the charts. For example, "God is a woman" reached number 1 in Billboard The list of dance club songs as of October 10, the music news medium reported today. And that's not to mention all the other compliments. Sweetener has picked up, above all, the "Spotify global record for the biggest opening week of a female artist," Chart Data reported on August 21.

For all concerned that Sweetener will fade into the shadows of Ariana's fifth album, do not worry. After a fan declared that she is not ready for the "era of the fourth album ends", Ariana reassured her. "It's not ova! I do not really like it." "I just wanted to make music and release it every time and play it," Ariana wrote on Twitter on October 8. "I do not want to follow the routine" or "similar." I love music, I'm not waiting another 2 years to leave it, I want to share it with you when it's fresh. "

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