Resurrection Ertugrul 131. episode 2.fragmani! Ertuğrul's move that no one expects

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Resurrection Ertuğul feels like a bomb with the new part. A week's break from the series of shock developments will surprise the audience. So what will happen in the Resurrection Ertuğrul 131 section? Will Beybolat Bey marry his brother Sırma Hatun to Ertuğrul Bey? "My revenge will be a lesson for all my enemies," says Ertugrul Bey, wanting to destroy Drago's tragedy plans. After the second episode of Diriliş Ertuğrul, published on the TRT 1 screens, the serial number's new chapter publication date became apparent.


At the beginning of the trailer, Uranos was called out, and it seems he was calm after Ertuğrul Bey's words. But the most crucial point is the marriage of Erturğul.

Beybolat Bey will marry Sırma Hatun to Ertuğrul Bey. Hayme Hatun may be happy with this, but Ertuğrul will settle for the first time, but then he will give up.

Ertuğrul Bey has no other wife than Halime Hatun on the real date.

Beybolat, by giving credit to Ertuğrul Bey, realized that he had made the right decision by saving his brother İlbilge. Dragos, by making good dreams of trap, but always failed to set up Ertugrul Bey. However, this part will surprise us and become an event.

İlbilge Hatun was rescued, but now held by Urius. Ertuğrul will learn that Uranos is not Dragos, and who is the traitor in this chapter. Emir Bahattin will release Dragos and say that Dragos grabbed the gold.

Emir Bahattin looks for the polls. But he will not get his chest, and he will soon die.


In your resurrection Ertugrul Aks, directed by Metin Gunay and directed by Mehmet Bozdag, a resurrection Ertugrul ruler, there are such names as Engin Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan, İlker Aksum, Hande Soral, Didem Balçın, Cengiz Coşkun, The resurrection Ertuğrul 131. § January 16 Wednesday TRT 1 on the screens.


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