Results of WWE SmackDown – November 20, 2018

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Results of WWE SmackDown – November 20, 2018

Welcome to SmackDown Live.

WWE Smackdown opened with a video feature in Charlotte Flair against Ronda Rousey in the Survivor Series Series (PPV) of Survivor Series.

Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring. Flair smiled. One fan shouted: "Thank you Charlotte" and she said: "Yes, thank you". He said he gave the most brutal blow to the supposedly worst woman on the planet and is very proud of it. He asked Ronda Rousey if he was looking at his bruises and welts and taking a small bath. She said that if Ronda was looking for an apology, he is not going to get it. Flair said he enjoyed every second of banging his ass. She said it was for her wardrobe and the champion. He spent half his career fighting Becky Lynch and fought in Survivor Series for Becky Lynch. Lynch told him to give Ronda the beating he would have and Charlotte. Flair boasted that Rousey bowed to the queen.

Smackdown GM Paige came out and said he did not have to apologize. Paige said that she and everyone loved it. Paige said that on Raw, Ronda said he would find Flair and take care of her. Flair said that if he goes back into his business, he will put Rousey's hair back on a chair and step on him a million times. Flair said no one can stop her. Paige reminded him that he put five WWE officials, so he has no choice but to fine Flair with $ 100,000.

Before Flair really had a chance to respond, the IIconics came out. Peyton began to look lifeless. Billie asked him what was wrong and then realized that he was imitating Charlotte Flair on Sunday. They started making fun of Flair, then they said they knew they were Paige's favorites. Flair said she was ready to help them discover and offered to face one of them at this time.

Charlotte Flair vs. Billie Kaye

Flair was aggressive with chops early and knocked Kaye off with a side key, grinding again. Flair spikes a series of knee pads and Kaye was already on the ropes. Flair knocked her down and went for figure four, but Kaye hurriedly searched for the ropes to break the attempt. Kaye retreated to the ground. Flair smiled and followed and returned to the ring. Kaye returned to the floor, but this time when Charlotte followed her, she was caught with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Flair caught her with an O'Connor Roll, but was sent to the buckle when Kaye kicked her. Peyton worked on Flair in the corner while Kaye distracted the referee.

Flair returned with a Fall Away Slam, followed by the Natural Selection for the pin.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair.

Flair said that was not enough for her and challenged Royce to face her. Royce did not seem to want to fight. Finally he agreed but entered the ring with great concern. Royce then left immediately.

Charlotte Flair vs. Peyton Royce

Flair finally attacked her and punched her in the corner, driving several shoulder blocks. Royce kicked him, but Flair almost immediately regained control and threw her to the ground. Flair received her with chops against the barricade.

Royce gained control and pulled her by the hair. He kicked Flair, then threw it into the ring, noting a nearby fall. Royce punched it with his right hand and marked another pinfall attempt. Flair finally caught her with a big boot. Flair went for a punch, but Billie Kaye attacked Flair from behind.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair for DQ!

The IIconics worked on Flair. The crowd sang for Becky Lynch. They went to the floor to look for a steel chair, but the WWE staff member ringside did not want to hand it over. That delay gave Flair enough time to recover and throw them both on the floor. Flair started hitting Kaye's head at the advertisers table, followed by Royce. Then he did it to each of them at the same time. Flair ran with Kaye to the ring barricade and punched her with a hard knee.

Royce ran to the steel stairs in the front row. Kaye was snatched and thrown on one of the announcing tables. Royce was also thrown on the table. Flair climbed onto the table, spread her arms and told everyone to bow.

They basically gave 1/4 of the whole show to Flair and it was quite entertaining.

In the backstage, Rey Mysterio said he has seen a lot, good and bad, but he has never seen anything like Randy Orton. He said Orton wants to do what he did to Jeff Hardy. He said he did not return to be one of the victims of the Vipers. He said that Randy can be at the top of his game, but also King. Wait and see.

They announced that Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio would take place later tonight.

The announcers recapitulated the victory of Daniel Bryan's WWE title last week. We'll find out about him later tonight.

They showed The Miz backstage signing a copy of MizTV for someone. They pressed for MizTV with Shane McMahon to be next.


The fans chanted: "Miz is amazing" and he smiled and said it was good to be home. Miz gave Shane McMahoin a great introduction, acting as he was so impressed and impressed to have joined him. McMahon walked out as if Charlotte Flair had given him a beating and really sold it. Miz did her dance when she got to the ring. He asked Shane to make the mix, but Shane was too beaten to do it.

The World Cup was in the front row.

Miz said they fought to the bitter end in Survivor Series, just as they did in Crown Jewel. Miz was putting Shane, but saying "we" did everything. Shane said he liked "us", but he just does not remember much after Braun Strowman pulled him out of his clothes. Miz said he was saying "we" to be a team player. Shane said he knows it's Miz's program, but usually the host asks questions.

Miz said it was 2/3 the best of the word and Shane was 1/3, who asked if Shane would join him as a tag team. Miz tried to pressure him for the merits of being a team, saying that he would be the best team in the world. He said that in Survivor Series, he saw Survivor and Champion. Shane said that with his responsibilities, he did not think it was a good idea. Miz said that this was not the reaction, as he thought he would. He said he went to Paige before and if he's as much as a man … well, a McMahon, they could compete right now.

Two local competitors came out, considered as Wayne and Dane Bryant, who obviously were not brothers.

The Miz & Shane McMahon against The Bryan Brothers

McMahon is in street clothes.

Miz played with one of the Bryants and drilled him with a DDT. Miz offered to tag, but Shane told him to do it. Miz turned around and Dane Bryant caught him in a small package and pinned him down. Of course he did.

Your winners will soon arrive on the indy scene, The Bryants!

So much for that Smackdown State address, huh? Shane hinted at a major change, but instead we received a bit of comedy.

They connected the Starrcade event this weekend.

The New Day skipped the backstage disguised as pilgrims wearing accoutrements and Thanksgiving cakes. The Gobbledy Gooker appeared and began to dance, then unmasked to reveal R-Truth. You mean that Gobbledy Gooker is not real?

When they returned from Thanksgiving, there was a Thanksgiving party in the ring. Kofi was still carrying pancakes. They were not blue. He said they were fast approaching their favorite vacations. They made the fans sing the "Turkey Day". They said that meant they would participate in the first Thanksgiving Feast. They said it's like the dinner we have at home, except that the fans can not throw masked potatoes at their scary uncle. They said they were grateful for their victory in Survivor Series, although for some reason, their victory did not count towards the final total. Woods thanked his 2 TB hard drive, so he did not have to eliminate Spider-Man to play Red Dead Redemption 2. Big E thanked the big, exquisite breasts, then explained that he was referring to the turkey. He started licking the turkey. Of course he did.

They left the WWE Champions Smackdown Tag Team The Bar and The Big Show.

Cesaro asked if they were joking about all this, because they are the Champions. He said there was no way for Paige or Shane McMahon to invent this, and they blamed the New Day. New Day reminded them that they won their Survivor Series match, unlike some people. He said that when Paige said they had to step up, they were referring to The Bar. Sheamus asked how he plans spontaneous urination. They said they are the bar … and we are back to the commercial.

Thanksgiving Party Fight with The New Day against WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar & Big Show.

The table with the banquet was moved to ringside.

Show and Woods left. Woods stuck a superkick in the middle section, but Show immediately knocked him down and manipulated him, even taking away the pilgrim's disguise. Cesaro scored and nailed a big uppercut. Sheamus scored and beat Woods in the chest. Cesaro scored and covered Woods twice. The bar marked inside and outside, working on Woods. Fans gathered Woods with the New Day songs. Woods started making a comeback, but was nailed to the middle section and dragged to the corner. Cesaro scored and drove a low dropkick twice.

Woods struggled to put himself in position to make a label, but Cesaro pulled Big E out of the apron. Kofi made the label hot and cleaned the house. Big E got involved and knocked Big Show off the apron, where he crashed into a table with all kinds of decorations for the Thanksgiving dinner. Sheamus brought a turkey to the ring, but Woods pulled him out of the ring. Kofi came out of the top with the turkey, slammed it against him and knocked him across the other Thanksgiving table. Big E put his hand inside the turkey and nailed Sheamus with it for the pin.

Your winner, The New Day!

New Day shattered Cesaro with a series of cakes and sauces after the match before beating the wreckage all over the carpet.

See you in the Christmas street fight.

Randy Orton cut a promotion and said that people believe Rey Mysterio's mask means something. He said it means nothing to him and said he needs to be destroyed, just like the man who uses it. He said that everyone will be full of shock and horror when he takes care of Rey with the RKO.

Asuka and Naomi against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

Naomi and Asuka controlled the game early. The discussion points of the announcers is if Rose and Deville can get along. Asuka and Naomi attacked the hip stereo attacks to remove them from the apron when they went out to the commercial. When they returned, Naomi had kicked Deville in the face. Rose and Asuka approached. Asuka hit her with a suplex on her back and nailed a bright magician to count twice. Rose bounced off the ropes and Deville made a blind tag. Rose almost nailed her and they had words. Asuka went for a kick. Deville pushed Rose out of the way but ate the kick. Asuka got her off at Asuka Lock and Deville tapped.

Orton vs. Mysterio clips were broadcast in Crown Jewel.

They made a video package about Lars Sullivan and noticed that he would be coming soon.

WWE announced that AJ Styles will challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE title at WWE TLC.

The WWE champion, Daniel Bryan, came out and said he committed a betrayal three years ago when he gave up his dreams and retired. He said the difference between him and "these people" is that he does not accept failure. He traveled throughout the country to see doctors and experts. He forced himself to sit inside a hyperbaric chamber for three hours a day. He said that silence gave him the opportunity to create his mantra, fight for your dreams and it worked. He said how else can you describe the miracle where Daniel Bryan returned to the ring. He said he heard the strongest songs of Yes that he had heard and it was a great moment.

For the people, it was just a moment. They were not there because of the pain or the struggle. They did not have to deal with family fights or with therapists and psychiatrists who told him to go ahead. He said the only people who went ahead were the fans, the idiots who sang for AJ Styles. That brought a song of styles. He called them fickle fans. He said that Daniel Bryan's dreams took over and they did what they were programmed to do and kicked AJ Styles in the balls. He said that Daniel Bryan's dreams made him realize that he did not need these people at all and told him that in Survivor Series, he did not need to beat Brock Lesnar to win. He won by allowing Lesnar to take away his weakness, so a new exit from that game would emerge, and there has been.

Daniel Bryan declared that the old Daniel Bryan is dead and also the Yes Movement. He said that all that remains is the new Daniel Bryan, the WWE Champion, and the only thing that matters is that you never give up your dream again.

Good promotion and an interesting new address for Daniel Bryan. He had Greg Hamilton announce it as the "New Daniel Bryan" and posed on the bulletin board. No, he does sing things.

Randy Orton against Rey Mysterio.

If you were 18 years old the last time you fought, now you have 30.

They tied and Orton nailed Rey with an elbow on his back. Mysterio was able to prepare it for a 619 but Orton went to the floor. King hit a sentinel sitting on the ground. Back in the ring, Orton nailed Rey while he was on the ropes and grabbed the mask. Orton was rejected, but Rey remained tied to the tree of misfortune when they went to a commercial. When they returned, Mysterio was shooting shots in the middle section, but he was eliminated and covered by a count of two.

Orton placed it on top of the tensioner. He came back behind the mask and ripped it in the eye. Mysterio fought him, but a missile projectile, but he pulled away. The announcers said that Orton was trying to take on Rey's identity. Yes, like that bad reservation. King came back with a top rope siton sitting and a nice bulldog. Rey went by 619 but Orton blocked him. Rey kicked him in the head and finally connected with 619. Orton left the ring. Mysterio gave a sliding kick. Rey went to dive but caught King with an RKO out of nowhere while sailing through the ropes. Orton threw the unconscious King back into the ring and pulled the mask, revealing Rey's face. Oosps! That will not make the WWE Network version. Rey was nailed with another RKO and nailed.

Your winner, Randy Orton.


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