Resident says that mouse infection almost ruined her baby's Christmas

adminDecember 27, 2018

Several residents have said they feel neglected and overlooked by the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority.

"Give me some assurance that they will do something about the problem," said Noble Al-shami, who lives in one of his buildings on East 59th Street in Cleveland.

His neighbor, whom we talked to two years ago about his problems in another CMHA apartment complex, now says that she is facing another problem that is worse than before.

Darnela Barnes said the mice ate her gifts under her Christmas tree.

Mice, not Grinch, ruined the Christmas for their kids, and eats right through the wrapping paper.

She said that mice have been a problem in her apartment for almost a year.

"I feel they don't do what they need to fix the problem," Barnes said.

Rub holes through the wall, cabinets and furniture, and that's not all.

"Here are the mouse muscles," she said as she opened her kitchen cabinet.

She looked at the mice bowel movements throughout her house, saying that months since CMHA maintenance came with mouse traps, only to allow dead mice to sit on the trap, never to be collected.

Residents say they want answers and most of all help.

"It's just like we put in money, we have to pay rent and replace things that the mice are harmful, as people around here who live in my row throw out all kinds of clothes all," she said.

The other neighbors told Newsletter 5 about their problems, one of the children's neighbors told us that her son was a little with the mouse a few weeks ago.

We've come out to CMHA to see how they planned to deal with this problem, and we haven't yet heard of them.

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