Reports: Becky Lynch left the WWE Survivors Series with Ronda Rousey due to an injury

adminNovember 13, 2018


The long-awaited showdown between champion and champion between the women's champion of Raw, Ronda Rousey and the female champion of SmackDown, Becky Lynch, will not be carried out as scheduled on Sunday in Survivor Series. The match was removed from the Survivor Series card due to injuries sustained by Lynch in the melee that closed this week's edition of Raw at home. The news of Lynch's injuries and the cancellation of the match were first reported by and then confirmed by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer.

Six days before his game, Lynch appeared in the main event segment of Raw to attack Rousey first in the dressing room area with his presentation of Dis-Arm-Her before leading an invasion of SmackDown women that took place within the ring However, during the skirmish in the ring, Lynch's nose was brutally opened by what appeared to be a firm and inadvertent blow from Nia Jax. Despite the injury, Lynch continued the attack, hitting Rousey in the ring with a steel chair as blood gushed from his face and fans chanted his name. Raw closed Monday night with an iconic image of Lynch standing among the fans, hitting a recovering Rousey in the square circle.

As of this moment, there has not been a replacement opponent named Rousey in Survivor Series, if there will be one with the female SmackDown champion out of service for an unknown period of time.

To say that the evil of Lynch's unfortunate injury is bad would be a massive understatement. The female SmackDown champion was not only quickly becoming the company's biggest female star, but lately her performances called her the best WWE performer, male or female. Everything that covered his invasion charge on Monday night had long time fans comparing the moment for the iconic "Austin 3:16" promo cut by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in June of 1996 on King of the Ring that served as a catalyst to launch him into a completely different stratosphere when it comes to stardom. The match with a mainstream star like Rousey on Sunday night at Survivor Series will likely only increase Lynch's momentum, win or lose.

However, despite the unfortunate nature, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future. Lynch can not compete in the ring for an unknown time, no, but one feature that has helped her to recover her as much as she has done lately is her ability to do wonders with the microphone. As she recovers from the damage inflicted on Monday night, there is little reason to believe that the "Irish Lass Kicker" still can not talk about her blatant chat every Tuesday night until she is ready to return to action.

While we were all more than ready to see Lynch and Rousey compete with each other on Sunday night, these two will be Enter the ring to go head to head one day soon down the line when this dispute is reviewed correctly. And given the hustle and bustle of Lynch's actions created on Raw, the WWE may have received the gift of fans of the WrestleMania women's main event recently.


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