Reports are talking about a dispute between Prince Harry and Prince William because of Megan Markle

adminNovember 29, 2018

New reports of a cloud between Prince Harry (Prince Harry) And his eldest brother, Prince William (Prince William) Because Prince Harry believed that his older brother did not show enough gratitude and devotion to Megane Merkel (Meghan Markle) Following the official announcement of her engagement with Prince Harry, according to the magazine " Vanity Fair"The magazine also cited a source that said that the strong relationship between the two brothers was devastated by much excitement because Prince Harry felt that his brother did not welcome Megan in the royal family.

Kate Middleton ended a gap between Prince Harry and Prince William

The source also said that escalation of excitement in the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William in the period after the official announcement of the speech Harry and Megan Marshall, asked Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) Duke of Cambridge and Prince Williams wife to intervene and end this by inviting Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan to spend the Christmas vacation at the Cambridge family in Norfolk County, which actually occurred on Christmas Day last year, the source also showed that the invitation was asked by prince karelPrince CharlesCrown Prince in Britain and father of Prince William and Harry who suggested the idea of ​​leading William and Kate to invite Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan Markle to spend Christmas with them on " Anmer Hall"Near the Queen's house in Sandringham.

Prince Charles intervened to correct the gap between his parents

The source, described by the magazine as a close friend of the royal family, said, "Harry felt that William did not show any signs of love and devotion to Megan and told him about it. There was a gap between them at that time and your relationship was pruned. But Prince Charles quit this when he asked Prince William to act in this case, the invitation to Duke and Duke of Cambridge Duke and Duchess Sussex to spend the Christmas holiday with them at their home in Norfolk.

Rumors about the differences between Kate Middleton and Megan Markle

Reports of a shaking between Prince Harry and his eldest brother, Prince William, coincide with rumors of disagreement between Kate and Megan, led Prince Harry and Megan to move from their current residence at Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Cambridge family, to House " Frogmore Cottage"Sources in Daily Mail denied this and confirmed that the reason why Prince Harry and his wife decided to move from Kensington Palace were their desire to have some privacy and independence at the beginning of their married life and in preparation to receive their first birth , next.

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