Reporter sent to crash ashore on live television

adminNovember 22, 2018

A reporter covering a football game in the US UU She came closer to the action than she thought she would do after one of the live players had knocked her down.

ESPN reporter Laura Rutledge was standing on the sideline and talking to the camera when two players approached her.

University of Georgia player Prather Hudson was blocking an opponent when she collided with Ms. Rutledge and threw her to the ground.

Fortunately, everyone was fine, with the reporter sending a tweet to thank everyone for helping her get up.

Mr. Hudson apologized on Twitter, but did not just leave it at that. She also decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to ask Ms. Rutledge to write online: "Hey, @LauraMRutledge I'm really sorry I dropped you, but … I can pick you up at 7."

But the married journalist was not having any of that and simply responded with a laughing emoji face.

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