Reply from Erdogan to Rutkay Aziz: Is it me or my fascist Mozart?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Actor Rutkay Aziz, President Tayyip Erdogan, is addressing the assembly.

Erdogan and Aziz polemic started when the player answered a question about Erdogan's invitation to be invited by Fazil Say.

Aziz "President Mozart, listen to Beethoven, maybe a good income" Erdogan replied: Olan It is fascinating to fascinate the president to have a beer and listen to Mozart.

Aziz, who participated in the broadcast of Arti TV, responded to the president's words.

The player said: Iyor Fascism is not exactly known at that time. I am a fascist, in this case is the Mozart fascist? If it's such a situation, I'm to protect Mozart in the name of mankind. Boyle

& # 39; Screenplay & # 39; reaction

Aziz used by Erdogan for some artists & # 39; Draft & # 39; For his words: Kültür It is an indicator of how they view our art and culture. Müjdat & # 39; let's start with this text, continue with other friends. Mr President, Metin and Müjdat cumhura Eleri artist drafts & # 39; In fact, the word is a clear saying. In other words, who is in the opposition, who is in a critical approach, they say they are in the paper. Who is in the book, who is not, and the people already take it in a certain place. Beyond that there is no point in holding several interlocutors. bun

Rutkay Aziz and Deniz Çakır, Erdoğan goal: The steep, fascinating fascist state

Actor Rutkay Aziz: President Mozart, listen to Beethoven, perhaps a good income

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