Release your hand Big shock in the 24th episode trailer: You're another killer!

adminDecember 31, 2018

TRT1 displays December 30, 2014, My Hand-Released 23rd episode; Azra's difficulty adding a new one to live and no longer a house to stay to avoid further disturbances for My taking care of herself and saying he would take care of leaving home. Remove my hand in the last part; Fatma, who has been worn for life in the hospital for a while, seems to have improved her condition from good to better, but this situation poses a great danger to Sumru. Fatma's health began to regain knowledge of the ancient Sumru, Fatma, who has an important trump card in his hand, will be. Çelenler who went bankrupt because of the big crisis they experienced in the company, is expected to overcome this difficult process by Cenk thanks to Cenk thanks to the old success and the power to keep them in the grave and Azmi after they left them a difficult position, is expected to be part of the 24th part of My Hand. Due to the attitude and behavior of the Seraphim, after the rope break between Cenk and all the other children, and the mother's stubbornness and disobedience, upset their children, Elimi's retracted 24-part trailer was published?

PERSONALIZATION OF ELIMI was published in the 24th?

TRT 1 screens in a wide range of audiences that follow-up series project Elimi Dump 24 episode is released …


With Alina Boz, Alp Navruz, Seray Eyes, Full Moon Soysert My Hand Drop 24 Episode on Sunday January 6th on TRT 1 screens It will be.


my hand of 24 episode trailer


Remove my hand in the last part; Re-settling at Azra MansionBecause of the family's homecoming, Azra is forced to leave Mine. Although Azra first thought of staying in a hotel, he could not break Feride's insistence and settle in the mansion again. Who threatened Azra through Mert? Tuskansk teaches to use Mert and threaten him to keep him away from Cenk. The only person who threatens Azra through Mert is not Sumru. A mysterious person who asked Azra to pull the case he filed on his father's death threatened him by sending photographs of Mert. Who buys shares in Çelen Group? A news that comes from the hospital where Fatma is a hospital creates excitement and hope. What is important is who gets the shares as

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