"Refuge" attorney admits that the association did not receive any emergency calls (video)

adminNovember 30, 2018

In May 2017 the case caused a real media storm in France. Cyril Hanouna was then passed during a telephone conversation for a young homosexual exchange of suggestive words with him. Judged homophobic, the sequence had caused a loss of 12 million euros in advertising loss in the chain and the withdrawal of more than 60 advertisers. In addition, thousands of complaints were filed with CSA. The regulator had also sanctioned the chain of a fine of three million euros, which the presenter hopes to see revised downwards: "
It is especially from this false testimony that CSA took the decision to strongly sanction the chain. We hope that CSA will come back on this premise. "

On Tuesday, Nicolas Noguier, the president of the association, told "Express": "a volunteer He admitted having invented this call because he felt personally touched and wished the association to respond to this horrendous hoax, "he explains."
The co-ordinator of the association's guide who had gathered the volunteer's testimony, believed in good faith, to the point that we were concerned about the victim who had not left the contact information.

The volunteers who acted on their anger were removed from the association without being prosecuted, "because this person is fragile and complicated."

Wednesday Cyril Hanouna and his team came back on the matter that had touched them at that time. In fact, the show was lost by many viewers and media who had lowered the show. "
In the media we have been completely released. They all fell on us without examining. There are very good reporters and scandal journalists. I owe those who hurried too quickly in the breach and tried to make a fist on the matter. "

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